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E-world energy & water 2018

New impulses for the management of grids and facilities

The annual E-world energy & water takes place in Essen in February 2018.

The trade fair is the meeting place for the European energy industry.

The main focus is on energy services, information technologies and energy trading.

6 to 8 February 2018
Messe Essen, Hall 6, Booth 6-317

Visit our trade fair team and discover mobile apps and modular software solutions for managing grids and designing digital business processes.

Solutions for digital grid processes

  • Digital grid connection process
  • Web portals for customers and service providers
  • App for the fault clearance service
  • App for work preparation and inspection
  • App for property management
  • Self-service portal for grid information
  • Planning and maintenance system
  • Geoinformation system
  • Rugged Tablets and Notebooks

Our topics in detail

Live at the E-world

Digital grid connection process

Mettenmeier's workflow solutions digitise individual work steps and ensure process automation across departmental and company boundaries. Web portals serve as an interface for installers, property developers, architects and citizens:

  • Customer inquiry until offer:
    Fully automated preparation of the offer and conclusion of the construction contract
  • Planning and projecting:
    Automated generation of planning data and scheduling of construction execution
  • Construction work:
    Order management and construction by own personnel or civil engineering company
  • Accounting and archiving:
    Construction measurement recording and automatic billing, account assignment and archiving

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Service provider portal

In this portal, network operators can enter all types of work orders, commission service providers and check completion including the associated documents and the services provided:

  • Create orders:
    Automated via interfaces or manually via convenient entry masks
  • Self service:
    Service providers such as civil engineering companies, installers, architects or planning offices receive their orders via a personalised and protected access.
  • Important documents:
    Transmission of material lists, grid connection contracts, plan extracts, measurement files, sketches etc. via the portal

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Major customers portal

Energy service providers are expanding their range of services with a special portal for business customers. Major customers can access and analyze their consumption data online around the clock.

  • All important data at a glance:
    Delivery points, energy requirements, tranches, invoices or contract documents
  • Available around the clock:
    Energy flows and consumption data can be checked and analysed at any time and energy efficiency measures can be derived from them.
  • Increase customer loyalty:
    Display of individual content in the portal, reduction of research times and thus advantages for future tenders

App for the fault clearance service

The app "MGC Fault Clearance Service" was developed especially for the equipment of emergency vehicles. Employees can use it to process electronic application forms, navigate in the plan and rectify malfunctions even more smoothly.

  • Fast message transmission:
    Fault message on the vehicle display, immediate order acceptance via code input and feedback on status
  • Electronic operation sheet:
    All order data is displayed in the app, supports the initial backup and helps the employee to record the measures.
  • Mobile planning:
    An interactive plan is available with grid information in various zoom levels and high-resolution images.

App for work preparation and inspection

The "MGC mobile fitter" app was developed as a universal solution for work preparation and field service. This allows deficiencies in the network to be recorded in a structured manner and classified in internal service in order to initiate further repairs.

  • Work preparation:
    Efficient order planning and transfer to field service or external service provider for execution
  • Easy operating concept:
    A mobile planning system with GIS and grid data supports the operational processes in the field service.
  • Fast status detection:
    If a defect is detected, the mobile fitter records it directly on site with simple digital checklists.

App for property management
"MGC Properties" is a simple property information system for the smart creation and management of contracts using the portfolio within a secure web application.

  • Very simple operation:
    Input wizard for creating and editing contracts, dashboard with overview of all resubmissions and new contracts, area calculation and automatic calculation of compensation and distribution of total amount according to ownership shares
  • Multi-client capable:
    Conclusion of contracts on behalf of external companies
  • Interfaces and Integration:
    Integration of SAP, DMS and GIS; GIS support for parcel selection, object selection or visualization

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Self-service portal for grid information

"MGC Click Before You Dig" creates a maximum of transparency and efficiency in the provision of grid information to registered contractual partners such as planning or construction companies or internal employees.

  • Step-by-step and self-explanatory:
    The application guides you through the information process from the entry of the construction measure to PDF generation - legally compliant and in compliance with the guidelines GW 118 and S 118 as well as security management according to TSM.
  • Workflow control:
    Thanks to an integrated process engine, we can quickly and easily implement your individual processes in the information process - for example release processes or automatic notifications.
  • Self Service Portal:
    Coverage of over 90% of all map enquiries in the "self-service principle" and increase in efficiency through automation

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Planning and maintenance system

The planning and maintenance system OPTIMUS was developed especially according to the requirements of practice as standard software. With its process modules, you can coordinate and document all activities relating to operating resources.

  • Planning, new construction and commissioning:
    Calculation of grid construction projects, planning and invoicing of external services, mobile order execution and measurement as well as technical controlling and project management
  • New mains connection:
    Planning (customer request and quotation costing), materials planning (personnel, material, approval, purchase order), execution (entry of technical data, material consumption and internal activity), confirmation and billing
  • Maintenance:
    Legally compliant maintenance templates for each group of systems, maintenance rules for cyclic or condition-based maintenance planning, work preparation and mobile documentation
  • Fault message recording:
    Uniform message recording for all divisions, classification according to message types as well as creation of official statistics and analyses.

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Geographic information system (GIS)

Smallworld GIS is the professional geoinformation system for grid operators in the energy and water industry. As an ideal platform for the company-wide use of geodata, it supports all business processes in connection with spatial information.

  • Grid documentation:
    For grid documentation, grid operators rely on the sophisticated "Smallworld NRM" from GE Energy and Mettenmeier for supply and disposal.
  • Analysis:
    For analyses, queries, visualizations and reports Smallworld supports asset management with professional analysis tools like Smallworld GSA (Geospatial Analysis).
  • FO documentation:
    The pipe management module offers extensive functions for the documentation of empty conduits and their allocation with broadband and other media.

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Rugged Tablets and Notebooks

Mettenmeier's proven rugged PCs run with all common mobile applications and optimally meet the demands of continuous field service. Our top sellers in the energy industry:

  • Getac F110:
    The rugged 11.6-inch F110 tablet has been designed for performance and convinces with its low weight, impressive display and flexible rechargeable battery system.
  • Getac RX10:
    The 10.1" tablet with integrated handle, Full HD wide screen and IP65 certification is the perfect rugged and handy solution for harsh environments.
  • Getac T800:
    The compact 8.1-inch T800 tablet features the latest wireless technology, 8-hour battery life and outstanding display characteristics. It is available as an Android, Windows or explosion-proof version.
  • Getac A140:
    The fully rugged Getac A140 is our largest and most powerful tablet with a 14-inch display.
  • Getac V110:
    The rugged Getac V110 convertible notebook can be transformed into a rugged tablet PC in no time at all. High performance, low weight and long battery life characterize this device.

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