Planning and Maintenance

The planning and maintenance system OPTIMUS was developed as standard software especially according to the requirements of the energy and water industries. With its specific process modules, you can use the system to coordinate and document all activities related to network assets and thus create a complete database as well as transparency and efficiency at all levels.

Ideally Linked: Business and Operations

In network services, every process has two sides: one technical and one commercial. Wouldn't it be optimal if one software combined both sides? OPTIMUS is a maintenance and planning system that accompanies your processes from work preparation through execution to controlling. This is not only unique in the market, it really is optimal!

Ideally Integrated: Long-term Vision and Experience

The best ideas are born in practice. Wouldn't it be optimal if software for network services included all operational, strategic and legal requirements using the latest technology? Since its first release at a regional public utilities company, OPTIMUS has been conceived as standard software for the management of networks. This is more than practice-oriented, it really is optimal!

Ideally Designed: Standards and Processes

If something is tried and tested, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Wouldn't it be optimal if a software for network services is equipped with the latest technology and industry standards to such an extent that you have a flying start? By doing exactly that, OPTIMUS avoids distributed data storage, unclear responsibilities and task descriptions as well as media discontinuities in the workflow or unclear specifications for data acquisition. That's not just perfect work organisation, it really is optimal!

One System for all Divisions and Processes

Planning, New Construction and Commissioning
  • Calculation of grid construction projects in digital projects folders with process plans for each asset group
  • Planning assistant for external services and settlement with crediting procedure
  • Mobile order execution and quantity take-off recording with OPTIMUS Smart
  • Technical controlling, project management and monitoring of times and budgets
New Network Connection
  • Planning: customer application and quotation calculation (flat rate with excess and short quantities, according to price list or individual contract)
  • Disposition: Staff scheduling and briefing plan, material reservation, quantity take-off recording, construction permit, purchase order
  • Implementation: Acquisition of technical data, material consumption and working times
  • Feedback: GIS update, check, approval of working hours, quantity take-off control
  • Settlement: capitalisation in asset accounting, transfer to ERP, outgoing invoice, wage surcharges, crediting
  • Legally compliant maintenance templates for each asset group
  • Maintenance rules for cyclic or condition-based maintenance planning
  • Work preparation/operation planning for personnel, vehicle fleet and material
  • Mobile documentation of services, materials, photos etc.
Fault Report/Elimination
  • Uniform recording of outages and other faults for all divisions with plausibility check (fault occurrence, notification receipt, forwarding, etc.)
  • Classification according to notification types and workflow for the fault clearance service
  • Creation of statistics for authorities, industry associations and evaluations for your own asset management
Meter Change Process
  • Import of exchange orders and meter data from the consumption billing system (SAP IS/U and others)
  • Mobile documentation of meter change with barcode/NFC function for meter identification and OCR text recognition for meter reading
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of order execution and comparison with consumption billing


Solutions Partner

OPTIMUS uses Oracle technology.