Customer Projects

Case Studies OPTIMUS Network and Operations Management


LINZ AG implements the OPTIMUS operational management system and pursues far-reaching integration tasks from GIS to SAP.


MEGA Monheimer Electricity and Gas Supplier GmbH

MEGA Monheim relies on the planning software OPTIMUS for the construction of FTTX networks.

Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH

The Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH uses more than 10 years of experience in system-supported work preparation and gives impulses for the further development of OPTIMUS.


regionetz GmbH

Central order management at EWV and regionetz uses OPTIMUS to organise processes and create transparency and acceptance at all levels.


Public Utilities Jülich GmbH

Public Utilities Jülich uses the flexibility of OPTIMUS and benefits from both standard functions and individual solutions.


Public Utilities Merzig GmbH

Public Utilities Merzig has the technical processes under control with OPTIMUS and supports the commercial processes in connection with Wilken Neutrasoft.


Public Utilities Neustadt a.d. Aisch GmbH

Public Utilities Neustadt a.d. Aisch GmbH achieves synergies and closes a gap in technical operations management through close system integration with ERP software.


Public Utilities Saarlouis GmbH

Many utilities and waste disposal companies today rely on the asset management software OPTIMUS. One of the first users was Public Utilities Saarlouis. CEO Dr. Ralf Levacher was significantly involved in the implementation of the system.


Unterfränkische Überlandzentrale eG

ÜZ Lülsfeld implements OPTIMUS as an industry-specific solution and thus pursues far-reaching process-related and economic goals.

Wasser Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Wasser Nord is renewing its maintenance management. The implementation of OPTIMUS will enable those responsible to expect smooth processes.


WVW – Water and Energy Supply Kreis St. Wendel GmbH

The WVW from St. Wendel, as a former customer and provider of ideas, has clearly contributed to OPTIMUS' stringent practical orientation.