Old system replaced by OPTIMUS

Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH

The Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH uses more than 10 years of experience in system-supported work preparation and gives impulses for the further development of OPTIMUS.

The Challenge

After the Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH had decided in 2009 to replace the old system in technical operations management, it was necessary to implement the already established processes for electricity, gas and district heating in OPTIMUS. The starting point was the work preparation with the grid construction and operation processes. The credit note procedure used by the Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft was to be implemented and integrated in OPTIMUS. Further requirements were the connection of SAP, the network information system (NIS) as well as the replacement of the existing fault message recording by OPTIMUS.

The Solution

OPTIMUS supports all essential processes in technical grid operation, starting with work preparation. The central point is the planning board with graphical time booking (presence of employees, oncall schedules). Based on this, maintenance planning is carried out and all construction measures and projects are displayed, including all documents, images, orders and electronic forms. Mobile clients on PDAs and in the future on Android devices, which are secured by a "Mobile Device Management", will be used to support the employees on site. A highlight is the newly designed credit note procedure for billing external services and the integration with SAP (transfer of framework agreements and materials and transfer of hours and quantities). Via the NIS interface, the current resource data is transferred to OPTIMUS in a nightly routine. Since 2012, fault message recording has also been carried out in OPTIMUS.

The Results

Experience pays off - the established working methods from the old system were adopted in OPTIMUS and further improved so that the system was accepted by the employees right from the start. Since then, the system's range of services has been continuously enhanced. Requirements within the framework of the company's TSM certification were also implemented. In addition to the legacy system, other systems such as the electronic construction survey and various proprietary solutions based on MS Office have also been replaced.

Frank Teigelkamp, Group leader technical/commercial services, Oberhausener NetzgesellschaftmbH

Total transparency
With OPTIMUS, we were not only able to replace the old systems on an equal footing, but also implement special requirements, which were then incorporated into the system standard. Today we have mapped everything in one system - the processes and projects, the orders, wages and vehicle fleet, the documents, the malfunction reports, the operating resources up to the presence of the employees, the hourly bookings and the costs and external services.

Oberhausener Netzgesellschaft mbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Project and order management
  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Resource Management
  • Settlement/credit memo procedure
  • OPTIMUS Smart (future)
  • Interfaces to SAP and NIS

OPTIMUS in use since 2009