OPTIMUS in use for 10 years

Public Utilities Jülich GmbH

Public Utilities Jülich use the flexibility of OPTIMUS and benefit both from the standard functions and from individual solutions.

The Challenges

The Public Utilities Jülich GmbH has been using OPTIMUS since 2003 and is thus one of the pioneers in IT-supported operational management. It was recognised very early on that a successful system deployment requires two essential things: On the one hand a clearly defined structure of the technical objects and on the other hand the definition of the main and sub-processes. Over the years, the practical application of OPTIMUS has resulted in additional individual requirements that have been solved.

The Solution

With the introduction of OPTIMUS, a structured presentation of all resource information has taken place. Documents, images, forms, orders and status reports are directly linked to the operating resources and can be used efficiently in the work processes. The main focus of the system deployment is on supporting work preparation and the implementation of new systems, maintenance projects, maintenance work, troubleshooting and warehouse management. The mobile users use OPTIMUS, for example, for hourly bookings, for recording technical data and for construction site processing. Thanks to the system's flexibility, special requirements could also be implemented very quickly. The Public Utilities Jülich, for example, also use the system's message masks for complaint management. In addition, the "OPTIMUS flowchart" is used to visualize systems or supply single-lines. This makes it possible, for example, to store a gas regulator station including its inner workings (slide valve, gas regulator, etc.) as an image and make its technical data available at the click of a mouse, even when mobile

The Results

Today, the system is used throughout for the supply sectors electricity, gas, water and heat as well as for the public utility's own swimming pools. OPTIMUS, together with the business management software Schleupen and the drawing program Paris, forms the linchpin of a closely interlinked system landscape. A cleanly structured resource database and defined processes ensure efficient use of the system and good evaluation options for operational management. Additional solutions such as the OPTIMUS Flowchart increase the benefits for users.

Dieter Wolff, Work preparation Public Utilities Jülich GmbH

Convincing right from the start
Right from the start, we were convinced that we had found the right solution partner in the system manufacturer Conges. This impression was confirmed in many conversations and discussions with other utility companies. OPTIMUS has often been enthusiastic, so that many other companies from the energy and water industry subsequently also decided in favor of this mature solution.

Public Utilities Jülich GmbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Grid construction
  • Maintenance
  • Fault management
  • Central work scheduling and workforce management
  • OPTIMUS Flowchart

OPTIMUS in use since 2003