Dream duo OPTIMUS and Wilken

Public Utilities Neustadt a.d. Aisch GmbH

Public Utilities Neustadt achieves synergies and closes a gap in technical operations management through close system integration with ERP software.

The Challenges

Basic goals of the introduction of OPTIMUS were the time recording, the material recording, the order processing and the development of an operating resources database. The starting point for the considerations was the connection of the technical operating processes to the ERP software Wilken, e.g. the representation of the technical meter system and the metering point operation in OPTIMUS and their connection to the consumption accounting. However, recurring activities such as maintenance measures were also to be implemented and supported on a mobile basis.

The Solution

Thanks to the openness of the system, OPTIMUS today forms a bridge between the previously self-sufficient applications. For consumption billing in Wilken, for example, OPTIMUS documents the resources broken down from the building to the house connections to the meter and provides information on what is hidden behind the individual measuring points. To support data maintenance, OPTIMUS is connected to the Magellan/Cubic geoinformation system. Within the scope of work orders, materials and hours are recorded in OPTIMUS, which are also transferred to Wilken. In the mobile sector, the technicians use the Android-based OPTIMUS Smart for this purpose. In addition, working time models and wage bookings are mapped or bonuses are calculated and transferred to payroll accounting (P&I LOGA).

The Results

Public Utilities Neustadt has achieved the first significant process improvements through OPTIMUS in hour and material recording. Formerly paper-based processes are now being integrated and handled digitally. In addition, the company has gained a significant increase in transparency regarding the inventory of operating resources through the structured recording of technical information in the OPTIMUS database. For recurring activities such as maintenance, all orders and associated data are also available to the technicians as an app on the smartphone. Today, OPTIMUS is used throughout the supply sectors electricity, gas and water and forms the hub for business processes as a technical business management system together with the commercial software Wilken.

Klaus Stöhr, Technical management, Public Utilities Neustadt a. d. Aisch GmbH

We chose OPTIMUS because we were looking for an optimal supplement to the commercial software Wilken for the technical area.

Public Utilities Neustadt a.d. Aisch GmbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Metering
  • Maintenance
  • Fault management
  • Resource management
  • Material management
  • OPTIMUS Smart
  • Interfaces to Wilken, Magellan Cubic and P&I Loga

OPTIMUS in use since 2011