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Public Utilities Saarlouis GmbH

Many supply and disposal companies today rely on the asset management software OPTIMUS. One of the first users were the Public Utilities Saarlouis. CEO Dr. Ralf Levacher was significantly involved in the implementation of the system.

Dr. Levacher, how long have you been using the system and what processes have you implemented with it?

We have been using the system since 2004 and have used it to implement all major municipal utility processes - investment projects on the one hand and maintenance projects on the other. In addition, we have mapped the entire house connection process and fault management in OPTIMUS.

What were the main goals you wanted to achieve with the introduction of the system?

The main goal was to create maximum transparency. On the one hand, we wanted to create maximum transparency for the regulatory authority and the associations, and on the other hand, we wanted to create transparency for our employees, for example when creating a house connection. This employee needs the maximum possible amount of information on site, be it geographical information, i.e. the location of the house connection and other resources. In addition, he is the only one who can directly enter how many hours he has spent and what materials he has used. In this way, we get reliable information on how much a house connection or other project has cost and how many hours it has taken.

What experience have you had with the implementation or what advice would you give to a company planning to implement such a system solution?

It's a stony road sometimes, it's exhausting, but it pays off. My advice is not to approach the introduction of the system too naive. If possible, you should use external help because you are not buying a system, but to a certain extent also a philosophy and this must be implemented in the company, i.e. used and implemented. Therefore, one should first carry out an analysis of the actual processes with an external entrepreneur or consultant and then set up the target processes together with the employees. These should then be mapped with OPTIMUS and implemented by the employees. However, it must also be noted that this is not a static process. There will always be changes that make clean documentation and process work indispensable.

Where do you see the strengths of the system and what are the effects for your company today?

As already mentioned, the strengths of the system are the absolute transparency it provides. The strengths are that experiences you made in the previous year can also be incorporated into the business plan for the new year. With OPTIMUS, no planning work is lost, because you are able to move already planned projects into a pool of future projects. There are numerous advantages for the operative level and also for the management level. For example, you can check at any time whether there are deviations between the approved business plan and the project execution and see at any time which projects are going well and which projects are going badly. In this respect, the experience with OPTIMUS has been consistently positive.

Public Utilities Saarlouis GmbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Work Management/Project and Order Management
  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Invoicing
  • Resource management
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • OPTIMUS Smart
  • Interface to XAP

OPTIMUS in use since 2004