Integrated Grid and Operations Management

regionetz GmbH

Central order management at EWV and regionetz uses OPTIMUS to organize processes and create transparency and acceptance at all levels.

The Challenges

In the past, the value-adding stages within the "Technology" main department at EWV GmbH Stolberg were not efficient or closely enough interlinked. Processes and projects were only partially transparent and traceable and there were differences between planning and execution. Construction project folders were only available in paper form and hourly bookings were still analogous until the system was introduced in 2006. In addition, there were media discontinuities and data inconsistencies due to the use of different systems and individual solutions, which ultimately also led to quality problems in the data landscape.

The Solution

With OPTIMUS, the network operator regionetz GmbH, founded by EWV, uses an integrated IT instrument for the processes in grid operation. The requirements of workforce management (planning of work orders, service provision, evaluation and optimisation) from the former main department "Technology" were implemented. The newly established TP-Z (Central Order Management) department organizes order plans, key figures, interfaces, overall technical reporting and user support / training as well as evaluations of all kinds for maintenance, repair, investment grid construction and other network and operations management tasks with OPTIMUS. Investment and maintenance projects are handled in a central system, from quotations to planning, control, implementation and accounting to controlling. EWV and regionetz also use "OPTIMUS Smart" for mobile process support, e.g. for recording times or technical data.

The Results

The use of OPTIMUS at regionetz led to consistent transparency and optimization of grid and operations management and efficient support of workforce management. Project tracking is guaranteed at all times. Measurable process improvements become transparent through the use of key figures, reports and active cost control. In addition, a consistent database was achieved, which enables efficient and documented internal and external reporting. OPTIMUS was specifically integrated into the existing corporate IT so that existing data and systems could continue to be used and their strengths could be incorporated into the new overall solution. All technical employees (230) organise themselves in OPTIMUS. Since 01.01.2013 all employees of the EWV group (approx. 460) book their times in OPTIMUS. General corporate goals were also achieved, such as sustainable control of the incentive regulation path or future security and risk minimization through the replacement of individual solutions.

Karl Mertens, regionetz GmbH

Everything under control
With OPTIMUS, we always have a grip on all activities relating to operating resources and always know what we have achieved. The solution has also met with a high level of acceptance among our mobile colleagues in the network due to the simplicity of its application.

regionetz GmbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Grid construction/civil engineering planning
  • Maintenance/repair
  • Street lighting
  • Work scheduling
  • Fault management and fault database
  • Internal and external reporting
  • OPTIMUS Smart
  • Business plan / IN-UH
  • Print and statistic
  • Human resources
  • Controlling

OPTIMUS in use since 2006