Management made easy

Wasser Nord GmbH & Co. KG

Wasser Nord is renewing its maintenance management. The implementation of OPTIMUS will enable those responsible to expect smooth processes.

The Challenges

Wasser Nord GmbH & Co. KG supplies the population in an area north of Berlin with drinking water and provides services in the field of wastewater disposal. This includes the commercial and technical management including the control of construction measures and the maintenance of the systems for wastewater disposal. The work is carried out and materials provided by external service providers. The OPTIMUS maintenance and planning system was introduced to ensure that maintenance management will be carried out at a high level of quality and at a reasonable cost in future.

The Solution

The first step was to map the wastewater network with its pumping stations and technical equipment in the system. The system structure of the wastewater grid is derived from the GIS. The activities and costs were then allocated to the individual technical network objects. OPTIMUS controls the inspection, maintenance as well as the planned and unplanned repair of the network and the plants. Since the operational work in the wastewater sector is currently carried out exclusively by external companies, there is a special focus on the control and monitoring of these service providers. Wasser Nord pursues a condition-based maintenance strategy. This means that maintenance is based on the actual condition and development trends of the plants in comparison to a defined target condition. Repair measures are based on the inspection and maintenance results. The core maintenance processes are thus optimally supported from both a commercial and a technical point of view. In the future, OPTIMUS will also control the construction of new plants. In order to work with as little media discontinuity as possible and to avoid duplication of work when recording data, OPTIMUS Smart is used in the mobile sector. This mobile solution replaces the classic paper-based order and supports the documentation of operational maintenance activities. In the waste water sector, the commissioned service providers are therefore equipped with Android tablets, which thus receive a new form of recording services rendered.

The Results

After successful implementation and initial experience in live operation, OPTIMUS is to be used promptly for the systems and processes of drinking water supply. In contrast to the waste water sector, OPTIMUS will also be used for internal services that have to be mapped in OPTIMUS, such as the recording of working hours and material costs. As part of the overall solution, an interface to the Wilken ERP system will also be introduced. OPTIMUS can thus also be integrated into other company processes, such as accounting or customer billing.

Wasser Nord

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Grid and resource management
  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Project and order management
  • Resource management
  • Interface to Wilken
  • OPTIMUS Smart

OPTIMUS in use since 2011