From practice for practice

WVW St. Wendel

The WVW from St. Wendel, as a former customer and provider of ideas, has clearly contributed to OPTIMUS' stringent practical orientation.

The Challenges

When Conges Consulting GmbH was founded in 2001 as an outsourcing company of WVW in St. Wendel, Germany, innovative solutions were to be developed for various tasks, including the development of management information systems, the optimization of operational processes or the introduction of cost accounting systems. This know-how acquired in the utility industry was to be passed on to third parties in the form of standard software.

The Solution

OPTIMUS is used today at WVW with a holistic commercial and technical approach. In a central database, all information about the operating resources is collected. The OPTIMUS GIS module is used for visualization. For the planning and processing of the work, all data converge in OPTIMUS, e.g. warehouse/purchasing, materials, teams/employees, vehicle fleet, wages and bonuses as well as availability, warranty periods and measurements. For payroll accounting, the working time models and collective agreements according to TV-V are mapped in OPTIMUS and the surcharges are calculated on this basis. The mobile fitters use the OPTIMUS Smart to collect operational data. In addition, there is an interface for consumption billing. OPTIMUS has been used in finance and accounting since 2004. The complete "incoming invoice" process with the sub-processes invoice entry, invoice verification, account assignment and transfer of booking data via an interface to financial accounting takes place here. In 2011, asset accounting was also converted to OPTIMUS in order to be able to call up the accounting values for all assets in addition to the technical data.

The Results

OPTIMUS delivers all necessary data in high quality for accounting and controlling promptly. Manual posting, especially of incoming and outgoing invoices, capitalized internal services and stock postings, is no longer necessary. All value postings from OPTIMUS are transferred to financial accounting via an export interface. This ensures a high level of quality, since, for example, recurring business transactions are always automatically assigned correctly. Whereas in the past several files had to be viewed, today only a few clicks are required to track the complete costs for each resource. With the use of OPTIMUS, WVW achieves significant internal process optimizations in the areas of financial and asset accounting, controlling and in all maintenance and investment projects.

Beatrice Schäfer, Head of Finance and Accounting, WVW Wasser- und Energieversorgung Kreis St. Wendel GmbH

Processes and data under control
The main goals for us were process optimization and the avoidance of data redundancies. In addition, it was and is important for us that all users can access the same data promptly and, if necessary, simultaneously.

WVW St.Wendel

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Project and order management
  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Workforce management
  • Resource management
  • Invoicing
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • OPTIMUS Smart
  • Interfaces for consumption calculation, accounting and human resource management

OPTIMUS in use since 2001