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Simulation Tools

Leave nothing to chance! Use simulation tools for the right strategic network decision and plan your strategy with field-proven simulation software!

The increasing use of renewable energies is calling the basic principles of load-controlled network operation more and more into question. It is a matter of finding the right strategic course for the networks. Risks must be identified early enough and opportunities need to be assessed correctly, in order to provide efficient services – whether in the course of incentive regulation or network renewal. This is the only way to reduce network operation costs and exploit revenue potential.

Mettenmeier offers a portfolio of predefined solutions that are tailored to support typical asset management issues and are used by our customers as complete or partial solutions. For this purpose, a simulation platform is used. Its components are modularly built into an encompassing solution and serve the central sub-tasks of asset management. This way, cross-divisional strategic planning as well as the analysis of technical and economic developments are supported.

SAM – Strategic Asset Management

SAM is a cross-divisional tool for integrated strategy development and optimisation in asset management.

In strategic asset management, the focus is on finding strategies. Here, the long-term effects of the influencing factors relevant to the strategy are considered in order to assess the development of the asset portfolio from an economic and technical point of view. With simulation, the effects that a decision has on the future can be determined. Thus in the long run, it is possible to predict whether the inventory of network assets will become obsolete and whether an investment backlog is imminent. The simulation is based on the modelling of ageing chains into asset groups, which are already preconfigured, parameterised and implemented in the system. Strategic planning is supported by the comparison of simulation variants in their different effects on the key figures.

Goals and Areas of Application

  • Determination of long-term maintenance and investment strategies
  • Risk analysis and quality management
  • Simulation of the asset portfolio using tried and tested ageing models
  • Cross-divisional mapping of asset groups
  • Classification into network areas (multi-client capability)
  • Comparison of quality and cost developments
  • Resource planning
  • Condition-dependent action planning and asset forecasting

Strategiesimulation mit SAM und OAM

The Simulation Tool in Use

This screenshot shows a comparison of different financial strategies for utility assets in the electricity sector. The result: a representation by age and condition as well as a CAPEX curve for the expected investment costs for new construction and renovation measures.

OAM – Operational Asset Management

OAM is a decision support tool for operational asset management.

The entire system is rounded off by annual operational planning (operational asset management). Based on an asset database, which manages the complete inventory of all individual operating resources, risk and importance analyses are accessible for all individual operating resources. At the same time, the possibility of refining the determined strategy is created. Existing loss statistics are also included as risks in the simulation. Operational asset planning is supported by the evaluation and prioritisation of measures on specific assets. Our customers use OAM both for prioritising maintenance and investment measures and for the specific distribution of measure budgets from strategic planning.

Goals and Areas of Application

  • Medium and short-term planning of measures on individual operating resources
  • Evaluation logics for the definition of action and prioritisation lists
  • Flexible formation of asset groups
  • Budget distribution from strategic guidelines (SAM)
  • Cross-divisional measure planning (complex measures)
  • Connection of GIS services (Web Mapping Services)

Coupling of the two Modules SAM and OAM

Through the direct coupling of the SAM and OAM modules, long-term strategies in the area of strategic and operational planning can be further refined. The coupling with evaluation methodologies of other operational systems (e.g. AM Suite) allows the derivation of the status of each individual asset, which can be used to update the simulation basis.

Our Services for your Succesfull Project

  • Transfer of existing data
  • Use of substitute data, if required
  • Data preparation
  • Ageing modeling
  • Measure parameterisation
  • Use of predefined strategy models
  • Development of individual simulation scenarios
  • Installation, training and maintenance
  • Optional: ETL tool for data management

Case Studies on Strategic and Operational Asset Management


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