CEO and Division Managers

Mettenmeier’s Management

Stefanie Mollemeier

Operational Management

Stefanie Mollemeier joined our company in 2016 and is responsible for the entire software division of Mettenmeier GmbH. This includes application development, project management and support.

Tel.: +49 5251 150-375

Ludger Schulte

Strategic Management

With the acquisition of the shares in Mettenmeier GmbH by ITS Informationstechnik Service GmbH on 17 October 2023, Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Schulte joined Mettenmeier GmbH as strategic managing director.

Knut Biermann

Head of Business Development

Knut Biermann, originally employed in the surveying division of Mettenmeier GmbH, has been working in sales since 2011 and is now head of the sales department.

Tel.: +49 5251 150-526

Christoph Dörr

Head of the St. Wendel office

Christoph Dörr has been employed by the Mettenmeier Group since 2010 and became head of the St. Wendel office in 2019 with a focus on the AM Suite and OPTIMUS software products.

Tel.: +49 6851 99804-30

Günter Ruberg

Head of Commercial Department and Division Manager for Rugged PCs

Günter Ruberg has been employed at Mettenmeier GmbH since 1989 and is responsible for commercial administration as well as for the rugged PCs division.

Tel.: +49 5251 150-340

Volker Wolf

Head of the FGE Training Center

Volker Wolf has been with Mettenmeier GmbH since 1986. Today, he is responsible for the FGE Training Center and, as a trainer, specialised in Smallworld courses.

Tel.: +49 5251 150-561

Mettenmeier GmbH

Central Office

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