Additional Products for Smallworld GIS from A-Z

Tools for Effective Working with the GIS

As a certified partner of GE, we have been developing applications and tools for Smallworld GIS for over 25 years.

Analysis Tools

Asset Finder – Convenient Enquiries in Smallworld GIS

The Asset Finder enables simplified and very fast data enquiries in Smallworld GIS. This product is especially designed for users who don't work with the GIS very often, but have the need to quickly and easily retrieve information about assets. more

Delta Analyser – Comparison of Database Alternatives

When capturing and updating data or when carrying out planning measures, Smallworld GIS usually works with different database alternatives. It is often necessary to determine the differences between two alternatives. With Delta Analyser you can determine these differences comfortably and quickly. more

Diagnostics – Performance Analyses for your Smallworld Applications

Diagnostics performs technical analyses of the Smallworld installation, investigates all user interactions, and provides transparent information to increase productivity, save valuable server capacity, and lower the total cost of ownership of the GIS. more

Join Designer – Dynamic Attributes in Smallworld GIS

The Join Designer provides the user with all important information on the object at a glance in the standard editor, as it also enables direct access to attributes of the parent objects for relationally linked objects. For example, station details appear directly on the editor of the circuit breaker. There is no need for time-consuming tracing of parent objects. more

Operation Analyser – Network Calculations and Analyses in Smallworld GIS

The Operation Analyser offers you the unique possibility to carry out electricity network calculations directly in Smallworld GIS. It has been proven that it achieves the same results as a network calculation program in daily planning tasks, e.g. the planning of house connections. In addition to the electricity division, you can carry out analyses of the network structure and network operation for the gas, water and wastewater divisions. more

Quality Inspector – Efficient Data Quality Assurance in GIS

The Quality Inspector supports you in an efficient way in the quality assurance of your GIS data. A large number of preconfigured tests are available for quick and easy verification of the integrity, plausibility and consistency of your data. With a special task control, these can also be processed in batches and at regular intervals. more

Smallworld GSA – Analysis, Query, Visualisation, Reporting

Smallworld GSA accesses spatial data and attribute data of the different information systems in the company very efficiently. Employees in all departments are given the opportunity to present, query, analyse, transform into knowledge and pass on this heterogeneous data as reports. more

Smallworld Thematic Mapping – Spatial Enquiries and Thematic Colour Coding

Smallworld Thematic Mapping is a comfortable tool for thematic color coding of network data based on defined circumstances and is fully integrated into Smallworld GIS. Network data that fulfill a specific characteristic are visualised in different colors in order to display correlations quickly and conveniently. more

Data Capture Tools

Delta Analyser – Comparison of Database Alternatives

During the recording and continuation, but also for planning purposes, Smallworld GIS usually works with different database alternatives. It is often necessary to determine the differences between two alternatives. With the Delta Analyser you can determine these differences comfortably and quickly.

Easy Keys – Construction Aids and Dimensions at the Touch of a Button

With the aid of the Easy Keys, a number of functions that are frequently required in the data capture process can be called up quickly and conveniently using defined shortcuts. This accelerates and simplifies the recording of assets and network data.

Easy Moving – Easily Move and Adjust the Location of Network Data

Whenever positional adjustments to your network data are necessary, Easy Moving offers valuable support. For example, after an update of the base map, the network can be moved quickly and cost-effectively back to the correct position.

Error Symbol – Quality Assurance and Data Capture

In large data capture or data update projects, which are often carried out by service providers, there are often unclear situations or map contents that are difficult to interpret and have to be reconciled. In these cases, the Error Symbol facilitates post processing. more

Location Professional – Management of Location Data

Location Professional simplifies the maintenance of location data and enables fast and targeted navigation in the database. The tool is therefore an important requirement for map information. more

Pipe Management Module – Documentation of Empty Conduit and FTTX Networks
Today, the expansion of high-performance FTTX networks is often driven forward by local public utilities and network operators. This resulted in the need for documentation of the media and single-lines in GIS. The Pipe Management Module offers extensive functions for the documentation of empty conduit networks and their allocation with broadband and other media. more

Multi-Object Editor – Mass Data Changes of Object Data
With the Multi-Object Editor, attributes of any selection of objects in Smallworld GIS can be changed simultaneously. A mass data change also across object classes is easily and safely possible with this product, so that changes can be made to many objects simultaneously and thus without great time expenditure. more

Print & Go – Comfortable Printing in Smallworld GIS

Print & Go combines all important printing and plotting functions in a single dialog, making map output much more efficient. Print templates can be selected and placed quickly and easily, and the parameters for printing scale, content and output format can be defined. more

Topography Professional – Documentation of Topographies
When documenting assets in GIS, regular additions to the geodata are required which should not be carried out directly in the official cadastral database. Topography Professional is the ideal tool for the implementation of these various mostly topographical additions to maps. more

VRDB – Planning Tool Variant Database

The focus of VRDB is the management of hundreds or even thousands of planning variants in Smallworld GIS, each of which can be at a different stage of its life cycle. more

Other Additional Products

FlexConnect – The GeoTools SOM for Smallworld GIS

FlexConnect connects your GIS with adjacent systems without physical import and export and allows reading and writing access to external data for a variety of spatial data formats directly in Smallworld GIS. more

Interfaces and Integration Solutions
  • NEPLAN interface
  • PSS/SINCAL interface
  • STANET interface
  • Smallworld EIS – for SAP coupling and more
  • Smallworld GeoSpatial Server – SOA integration
  • And more
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