ALKIS Change Service Including Network Adjustments

Accurate and Up-to-Date

The conversion to ETRS89 has been completed! Now you want to switch to ALKIS in the near future? Or have you already done so and plan to install future ALKIS updates promptly?

Very probably you are interested in where shifts have occurred after a cadastral update and, if so, to what extent. Furthermore, after the update it is important that your assets, especially house connections and dimensions, are in the correct position in relation to the updated ALKIS inventory and not outside the buildings.

In several comparable projects, our experts from the Network Data Service have developed two different solution methods. One result of these projects is that the follow-up costs remain very manageable if the network data is continuously adjusted. Experience has shown that only a few “shift vector clusters” are expected in such projects. Together with you, we decide which method is best suited for you.