Smooth Data Flow and GIS Integration

Smallworld GIS – Interfaces and Integration

In addition to Smallworld GIS, Mettenmeier offers a variety of interfaces to other systems. The goals are a smooth data flow and the integration of the GIS into the existing IT landscape.

FlexConnect – The GeoTools SOM for Smallworld GIS

FlexConnect connects your GIS with adjacent systems without physical import and export and allows reading and writing access to external data for a variety of spatial data formats directly in the Smallworld GIS. more

NEPLAN Interface – Efficient Network Calculation

The NEPLAN interface to Smallworld GIS provides data exchange between GIS and the network calculation program NEPLAN and is fully configured for the NRMs Electricity, Gas ,Water and District Heating. more

OPTIMUS Interface – Technical Business Management

The technical business management benefits from a seamless integration of OPTIMUS with the Smallworld NRMs for the provision of GIS data in the network service processes.

PSS/SINCAL Interface – Efficient Network Calculation

With the PSS/SINCAL interface, the data available in Smallworld GIS is used for the calculations in order to avoid double data storage, to accelerate the calculations and to increase the effectiveness. more

Interfaces to the NRM Wastewater

For the Smallworld NRM Wastewater, we offer interfaces for the formats according to DWA-M 150, ISYBAU 0196 as well as for the wastewater network calculation with HYSTEM-EXTRAN. more

Interfaces for Wastewater Operation Management

Mettenmeier offers integration solutions for the OPTIMUS operational management system as well as the GIS-based "MGC Task" order planning system for the transfer of GIS data from the Smallworld GIS and the NRM Wastewater to the wastewater operation management.

Smallworld EIS – Enterprise Integration Services for SAP Coupling and More

The Smallworld Enterprise Integration Services are used to integrate the Smallworld GIS into the enterprise IT. This webservice connector offers ready-made service functions, which are optimally adapted to the Smallworld GIS and the NRMs. The result is a service-oriented coupling with strategic products such as SAP or network control technology. more

Smallworld GeoSpatial Server – SOA Integration of Smallworld Data and Functions

The Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (GSS) integrates complex, spatial data and resource information into your dynamic system and process landscape within the framework of service-oriented architectures (SOA). Thus, the GSS enables a future-oriented integration of your Smallworld system into your company's IT.

STANET Interface – Efficient Network Calculation

The STANET interface was developed in close cooperation with the manufacturer and offers the comfortable exchange of electricity, gas, water supply and district heating network data with the Smallworld GIS. more


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