Go Digital!

For more than 90 % of our customers, the network plans are available completely in digital form in order to support digital processes in planning and maintenance.

Digitisation in the Public Sector

Wastewater Network Operators

Digitisation is high on the agenda of many municipal wastewater companies. Better data enables intelligent network management. Digital technologies support business processes, save costs and improve service quality.

1The Problem

In many parts of the world, wastewater systems face big challenges like aging infrastructure, growing legal requirements and lack of digital data, to mention only a few. In order to achieve the goals defined in laws and regulations such as

  • Public health and safety,
  • Health and safety of operating personnel,
  • Environmental protection
  • and sustainable development

high investments in wastewater rehabilitation and high costs for wastewater operation are required. At the same time, citizens expect cost-efficient wastewater disposal and thus low fees. Intelligent solutions are required to save costs, optimise processes and improve customer service when managing complex drainage infrastructures.

2Our Know-How

We at Mettenmeier accompany wastewater supply network operators on their way into the digital age and support them in coping with core processes of operational management such as wastewater cleaning and inspection as well as supporting processes in the planning or documentation of drainage systems. We create innovations and digital added value for internal workflows and for processes at the interface to the customer. To this end, we apply our strengths in the areas of geoinformation systems (GIS), network data, business management processes, business process management (BPM) and modern web and portal technologies.

3Our Solution

In cooperation with wastewater network operators, we develop user-oriented, industry-specific IT solutions, portals and apps. With the wastewater information system Smallworld GIS (NRM Wastewater) and its numerous modules, we offer all-round solutions for integral wastewater management in accordance with DIN EN 752:2008-4. In addition, we supply operational management systems for recording and using operating data and for supporting investment and maintenance projects. Highly efficient services for conversion of data round off our portfolio.

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