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Network Resource Manager (NRM) – Standard Applications for Utilities

Smallworld NRM

Smallworld NRM provides a sophisticated product suite with standard data and process models for Smallworld GIS that are being used by more than 300 utility customers worldwide. It supports a wide range of technical business processes such as data update, engineering design, network operation and Asset Management at all enterprise levels.

GE Energy and Mettenmeier have successfully introduced the NRM product suite to the international market as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, giving Smallworld users the chance to break the cost-cycle and leading to easy and thus cheap maintenance.

The high market acceptance rate of the Network Resource Managers is also mirrored in the numerous supplementary products that exist today. These include network calculation, operation, analysis, periodic network integrity checking, network control and interfaces e.g. with SAP.


Over 300 customers worldwide

Mature Products
  • Product quality ensured by a large number of users
  • Faster productivity with an out-of-the-box standard environment
  • Multi-Utility capability with a uniform operating concept
  • Reduced training effort due to the uniform user interface of the NRMs
  • Modular, configurable and parameterisable product modules (instead of a monolithic individual solution)
  • Efficient and cost-effective acquisition and updating of data through optimised design and dimensioning functionalities
  • Upward compatibility between individual software releases through a controlled development and quality assurance process
  • Use of GIS data in technical and commercial business processes through add-ons, interfaces and integration technologies
  • Use of a variety of additional products that are immediately available on these standards
Support of Regulations

The development of the NRMs is based on common industry regulations and norms such as VDE-AR-N 4201 and GW 120. These are supported by the NRMs. In addition, the NRM data models conform with the specifications of associations such as VDEW, AGFW and DWA as well as standards like CIM or DIN.

Current requirements of the regulatory authorities within the meaning of § 3 No. 27 EnWG and the industry associations are also taken into account in the further development in order to provide the best possible support for regulatory management. The modules Grid Analysis and Grid Statistics, contained in the standard NRMs, collect and process GIS-relevant information such as line lengths, connection rates or grid complexity. The standard module Outage Statistics provides the functions required for the reporting of supply disruptions.

Smallworld NRM 5 – Screenshot

Smallworld 5 – with data from NRM Electricity, Gas, Water and Wastewater

Smallworld 5 - all Divisions

Upgrade to Version 5.3

Smallworld NRM Version 5.3

Plan your system upgrade now - it's worth the change! With version 5.3, GE and Mettenmeier release a new version of the specialist shells gas, water, electricity and sewer as well as the pipe management module. A multitude of new functions and improvements make an upgrade to Smallworld 5.3 worthwhile.

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