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The Smallworld-SOM FlexConnect connects your GIS with adjacent systems without physical import and export and allows the processing of external data directly in Smallworld.

FlexConnect allows reading and writing access to a variety of data formats. It is the door opener for a modern geodata management and connects your Smallworld GIS with the adjacent systems without redundancies.

FlexConnect can be flexibly and quickly adapted to your data situation. You can create your own data models in the supported databases and integrate them into your Smallworld system with FlexConnect.

An XML-based configuration offers extended possibilities for data modeling. This allows you to map and document any additional objects in the GIS without any development effort.

FlexConnect also supports WPS services, for example to determine external data records based on an attribute in the source system.

FlexConnect is a universal SOM for Smallworld GIS. It allows direct access to geographic and non-geographic data in their original data sources and presents them as an additional database in the object class tree of the Smallworld GIS.

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Public Utilities Munich

FlexConnect was originally developed as a customer solution for Stadtwerke München and has since been released as a standard product of Mettenmeier GmbH. The product is used by many customers in different scenarios and also forms the basis for the MGC process management.


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