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Milestones in Company Development

  • 2022

    Completion of new network connection portals at WEMAG Netz Case Study (in German)

    A tornado rages in Paderborn and destroys large parts of the building at the headquarters. With great effort, daily operations and reconstruction are secured. see the video

    With GE and Hexagon, two global GIS manufacturers include the app NAVA in their portfolio
  • 2021

    Customer days Utility Solutions in hybrid format for the first time
  • 2020

    Takeover of the overall responsibility for NAVA from syqlo GmbH
  • 2019

    Merger of Conges Consulting GmbH
  • 2018

  • 2017

    Mettenmeier becomes the most family-friendly company in Paderborn

    Foundation of the subsidiary Process People GmbH

    Foundation of syqlo GmbH and start of development of NAVA
  • 2016

    First MGC user meeting

    Awarded with the quality label "Unternehmensgründung aus der Universität Paderborn" (Company foundation from the University of Paderborn)
  • 2014

  • 2012

    Majority stake in Conges Consulting GmbH – manufacturer of the planning and maintenance system OPTIMUS

    Presentation of version 1.0 of the Web GIS solution MGC
  • 2010

    Completion of one of the largest asset management projects in the German energy sector
  • 2007

    Extension of the solution portfolio with strategic tools for asset management

    Mettenmeier becomes Paderborn's most family-friendly company
  • 2005

    Completion of one of the world's largest GIS projects in France
  • 2003

    Entry into the international marketing of Smallworld NRMs (NRM - Network Resource Managers)
  • 2002

    In the area of Network Data Services, the mark of 100,000 km of digitised line grids is exceeded
  • 2000

    Certification of the corporate group according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • 1999

  • 1998

    Completion of the large company building at the head office in Paderborn
  • 1995

    Foundation of DGIS Service GmbH in Dresden

    Foundation of GSP in Prague
  • 1993

    Cooperation with Smallworld/GE Energy and start of the development of the NRM Electricity, Gas, Water and Wastewater for Smallworld GIS

    Foundation of IMP GmbH
  • 1991

    Opening of the Berlin-Brandenburg office in Teltow
  • 1988

    First consulting projects for system selection and specification of GIS solutions for energy supply companies
  • 1986

    Foundation of the FGE Training Centers
  • 1984

    Move into the first own company building

    Entry into Software development

    Start of the development of mobile field computers
  • 1983

    Foundation of Mettenmeier GmbH
  • 1981

    Entry into graphic data processing, today: Network Data Services
  • 1978

    Foundation of the Mettenmeier private company in the field of surveying with plot creation