Versatility in the Field

Field of Application: Geodesy and Cartography

Rugged graphical fieldbooks such as the Getac F110 from Mettenmeier have become an indispensable part of practical surveying.

Mobile solutions have found their own place alongside total stations or GPS sensors in conjunction with appropriate software. However, very specific requirements must be met in order to suit the needs for extreme field use: Mobility and ergonomics, easy and intuitive operation, consistent protection against weather influences, drops and dust.

Thanks to its consistent focus on extreme outdoor use, the F110 is now the first choice for cadastral and engineering surveying. The acquisition of geometric and attribute data already in the field offers many advantages, such as immediate visual control. The complete and time-consuming reworking in the office is no longer necessary, the working quality increases. It is particularly important that the information is easy to read. The excellent display provides ideal conditions, even in direct sunlight.

The control of total stations or GPS systems is carried out directly via field-suitable surveying software. The connection of surveying sensors of all manufacturers to the device is guaranteed. Total station radio increase mobility and flexibility.

The standard Windows operating systems allow you to work with any software and also eliminate the need for an external keyboard. With Mettenmeier devices, project data can be efficiently transmitted via mobile communication. This saves a lot of time and money, especially if the office is far away.

The added value of Mettenmeier's rugged PCs lies in their versatility. Due to their performance features, they can be used not only as field computers, but also as full-fledged office PCs.