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Why Rugged Tablet-PCs?

Mettenmeier has been offering rugged devices for outdoor use for over 30 years. Originally, the idea was to digitally capture data from a surveying device and prepare it for further processing. With the special field service requirements for such an "electronic field book", the devices were brought to market maturity.

Today's rugged devices delievered by Mettenmeierare of highest quality, based on our many years of experience.

Requirements for a Rugged Tablet PC

  • Easy to read display even in direct sunlight
  • Rugged and weatherproof housing
  • Optimised input system for mobile use
  • Carrying system for continuous use in the field
  • Maximum battery life or hot-swappable battery system for unlimited operating times
  • Interfaces for data exchange with external devices
  • Special accessories for the field service, e.g. car charging possibility
  • Fast and reliable support
Taking these points into account when comparing commercially available notebooks and tablet PCs with Mettenmeier’s mobile PCs, quickly reveals our special position in the market. The essential properties, such as a rugged housing or a perfectly readable display even in direct sunlight, are rarely or not at all possible with conventional notebooks and tablet PCs at reasonable costs.

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