The cloud-ready asset management system

The perfect solution for digital network processes

For network operators, the key to success lies in asset management. Wouldn’t it be optimal if a software solution offered the best possible technologies and apps for this?

The AM Suite supports mobile and platform-independent task processing in network service – from work preparation and execution to strategic asset management or as a communication interface to customers and partners.

As a cloud-enabled system, the AM Suite can be operated either in your in-house infrastructure or via a service provider.

  • Modifiable
    Through integrated workflow engine

  • Consistent
    One operating concept for all users

  • Tried and tested
    From the practice for the practice

  • Reliable
    Process oriented user guidance

  • Secure
    Future-oriented technology

  • Anticipating
    Prototypical municipal utility model

Security through workflow support

The AM Suite is the only system in the field of asset management to have an integrated workflow engine. This means that the software not only adapts perfectly to your business processes. It also offers the ability to change, required in dynamic times. In addition, you create transparency through key performance indicators and have the security of a traceable process chain. This is not only unique, it is really optimal!

The modules

Many modules - one operating concept

Maintenance management, project planning, fault processing, condition assessment or customer portal? With AM Suite you can raise the quality of processes in network operation to a new level and create a consistent operating concept for all areas and all screen sizes: from PC to smartphone. At the same time, you offer every user group the scope and perspective they desire – without detours and other data processing aids.

Software modules for all divisions and processes in technical network and operations management

Cross-sectional functions for digital working process

Master data
Document your asset information in a comfortable way with AM Suite. Be it technical data, type information or a description where the objects are located. Thanks to the dynamic data model, you can adapt field names or attributes individually via simple parameter settings.
Lifecylce Management
From commissioning to dismantling, all costs, processes and faults for the respective object are transparent and comprehensible. Thanks to this continuous and asset-specific equipment history, AM Suite provides you with important decision support for future investments.
To help you make the right decisions and keep an eye on costs, AM Suite supports business intelligence and reporting. Simple and automated data preparation and integration enables you to evaluate your processes and projects quickly and efficiently.
Mobile solutions
The AM Suite App ensures that the technical network service is supplied with desired information and that the time required for processing traditional paper forms is reduced enormously. All relevant information is available to you on site: whether for order documentation, status recording or simply for information purposes. Thanks to responsive design, all mobile devices can be optimally daployed.
Network visualization
To display GIS maps, AM Suite offers a standard GIS viewer that is docked to service-enabled source systems (WFS and WMS integration). This allows network data to be integrated into operational processes as required. It is also possible to merge GIS data with operational data, for example to display status classes or to visualise fault locations.

Unique benefits

Changeable: Through integrated workflow engine
Stay flexible! One of the most important tasks in a company is to design business processes efficiently, improve them continuously and adapt them to changes again and again. This is how a maximum of improvement can be achieved. Transparency is created and you hae everything under control.
Consistent: One operating concept for all users
The AM Suite has proven itself at all levels in the company with a consistent and platform-independent operating concept. Whether in the office, on notebooks, smartphones or tablets: you can use the latest application design for all devices and create a low entry hurdle through intuitive operation.
Tried and tested: From the practice for the practice
The best ideas are born in practice. The AM Suite combines the experience of thousands of installers with the technical requirements of numerous network operators. Thus, the software systems from SPIE and Mettenmeier have matured over many years. And so the AM Suite provides the best possible practical support.
Reliable: Process-oriented user guidance
Process-controlled interfaces guide you intuitively through the task processing and reduce the effort for data input. In this way you ensure more security and acceptance. Individually designed dashboards give everyone an overview of the most important data and processes in their area of responsibility.
Safe: Future-oriented technology
Invest reasonably! With the AM Suite you can use established functions of proven software systems, which have been newly implemented by SPIE and Mettenmeier using the latest technologies. Web-based clients enable optimum platform- and location-independent use of all modules of the cloud-enabled AM Suite.
Sophisticated: Prototypical municipal utility model
Whether station, hydrant or CHP – you use predefined process plans, master data, measures, regulations, resources, statistics or dashboards for all common equipment. The prototype municipal utility model guarantees you a quick start with full flexibility in system use.

Kooperation Mettenmeier und SPIE

Cooperation partners

For the AM Suite, the asset management specialists Mettenmeier and SPIE have bundled their competences. The goal: the joint development of the best possible software for the technical processes of network operators based on the experience that both companies bring to the table.


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