Digital requests and application processing

Cloud-capable portal and process solutions

Raise the quality of your grid connection processes to a new level!With your own grid connection portal, you can offer your customers and partners the opportunity to apply for grid connections and feeders at any time and from anywhere.

We offer you ready-made application routes and a standard workflow for internal processing. As a cloud-enabled system, AM Servicecenter can be operated either in your in-house infrastructure or via a service provider such as Mettenmeier.

  • Modifiable
    Through integrated workflow engine

  • Consistent
    One operating concept for all users

  • Tried and tested
    From the practice for the practice

  • Reliable
    Process oriented user guidance

  • Secure
    Future-oriented technology

AM Servicecenter – Grid connection portal with industry standard

The smart portal and process solution for digital application management

With AM Servicecenter, you will soon be implementing your grid connection portal for customers and installers. You digitize the core process in the house connection system and thereby increase the transparency and speed of process handling. At the same time, you offer every user group the perspective that interests them most. This allows you to raise the quality of your grid connection processes to a new level.

  • Customer portal – compliant application route for the supply sectors and customer systems. Feed-in applications can be combined or used individually
  • Installer portal – creation and processing of commissioning applications and digital installer directory
  • Workflow application – dashboard with application overviews and predefined processing procedure for office staff, divisible by line of business or customer system.
  • Integration solutions – integration of peripheral systems, for example for network compatibility analysis, work control, surveying with smartphones and GIS integration

Unique benefits

Changeable: Through integrated workflow engine
Stay flexible! One of the most important tasks in a company is to design business processes efficiently, improve them continuously and adapt them to changes again and again. This is how a maximum of improvement can be achieved. Transparency is created and you hae everything under control.
Tried and tested: From the practice for the practice
The best ideas are born in practice. AM Servicecenter combines the experience of numerous network operators with the technical knowledge of Mettenmeier. Thus, the portal and process solutions from Mettenmeier have matured over many years. And so AM Servicecenter provides the best possible practical support.
Reliable: Process-oriented user guidance
Process-controlled interfaces guide you intuitively through the task processing and reduce the effort for data input. In this way you ensure more security and acceptance. Individually designed dashboards give everyone an overview of the most important data and processes in their area of responsibility.
Safe: Future-oriented technology
Invest reasonably! With AM Servicecenter you can use established functions of proven software systems using the latest technologies. Web-based clients enable optimum platform- and location-independent use of all modules of the cloud-enabled AM Servicecenter.

PRIME Core – the technology basis of AM Servicecenter

With the PRIME Core Framework you get a basis with many possibilities and a high degree of flexibility.

The framework is a core component of the individual portal or process solution and allows you to always use the right function at the right time on the right device.

Like a toolbox, many application-relevant functions are already implemented and ready for use. A workflow engine controls the business processes.

The PRIME Core architecture is based on the latest international standards. The result is modularity at the application level with many options for shaping modern process solutions with individual interfaces. The following PRIME Core components are included:

Workflow engine

Visual process modelling and process control and high adaptability, for example to integrate third-party systems at the level of the individual process.

Microservice architecture

Stable system operation, cloud capability, server optimisation and simple renewal of partial components without updating the entire system.

Flexible data model modifications

During operation, changes to contents are traceable, even beyond version changes.

Responsive design

Platform-independent, the application interface adapts to any device size.

Process-orientated user guidance

Wizards with intuitive checklists and forms.

Authorisation concept

Role-based rights management, for example for different supply lines.

Customisable dashboard

Display of data from freely configurable data sources as widgets.

Proven safety

Penetration test of all system components by an independent consulting firm.

Multi-client capability

A system with multiple clients and separate data storage.

Browser solution

Browser-based, AM Servicecenter can be used anytime and anywhere.


Daniel Utermöhle

Sales Representative and Expert for Portals and Process Solutions

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