Medium and Low Voltage

Internals and Schematics Recording

For many network operators, capturing the internals and schematics of assets closes the gap to complete digital network documentation. It is an important basis for network calculations and analyses at medium and low voltage levels.

Efficient Capturing of the Internals of Assets

The internals of power stations, substations or even piping systems form an important basis for drawing up the schematics. They are a prerequisite for a topologically consistent network as well as the continuous mapping of the energy flow. So that network tracking as well as network calculations and analyses receive a reliable data basis.

Mettenmeier GmbH supports you: Existing attribute data on the assets are either entered manually or transformed into an internals representation in the form of Excel lists or Access databases with the help of a special GIS feature. Based on the associated switchgear, it is automatically determined how many switchgear panels are contained so that the correct size can be implemented. Busbars and other objects are handled in a similar way. The result is a complete system interior that can be efficiently linked to the external world.

Our experts create quality-assured asset internals, taking your individual requirements into account. If no internal documents are available, we are able to generate standards (e.g. switching states) or incorporate the results of an inspection (e.g. photos of the exit targets or connections).

Cost-effective Capturing of Schematics

To generate schematics, Mettenmeier provides you with a reliable and cost-effective, semi-automatic process that has proven itself many times in customer projects:

  • VDE-compliant preparation of the schematics using styles according to VDE AR-N 4201
  • Creation according to the wishes of the specialist department or control centre; the familiar schematic representation is shown in the GIS
  • Entry either on the basis of the existing overview map or the inventory map plus internals
  • Incorporation of individual circuit diagrams (switching elements, busbars, stations, transformers, utility lines, etc. – all elements of the interior are given a geometry in the schematics)

With the semi-automatic process from Mettenmeier, you can be sure that the result corresponds to your usual templates or your desired representation, already after the first run. Manual reworking takes considerably less effort than with fully automatic software processes for generating schematics.

Strom-Schemaplan inkl. Innenleben
Die Zeichenanwendung zeigt den vollständigen Datenbankinhalt: Es sind alle Geometrien gesetzt, die die Fachschale Strom-Mehrstrich vorsieht, die TN-Prüfung der beteiligten Objekte meldet „OK“. Wichtig für eine Netzwerkanalyse.

Electrical Schematics incl. Internals

The internals are necessary for a topologically consistent network as well as the continuous mapping of the energy flow.

Complete Database Content

All geometries provided by NRM Electricity are set; the TN test of the objects involved is "OK" which is important for a network analysis.

Diese Zeichenanwendung zeigt die Darstellung für den Plot: Ortsnetztransformatoren werden nicht dargestellt, statt aller Schalter nur die anstehenden Spannungen, etc.

Illustration for the Plot

Local network transformers are not displayed, instead of all switches only the voltages etc. are presented.

Voltage Transformer Station Map

All transformer stations are shown in a separate area, so that there is enough space within the range of stations and the map gets clearer.