Application Development and Projects

Professional Services and Software Solutions

Our core competence is the development and implementation of tailor-made software solutions on modern platforms and technology standards. We combine the latest technical knowledge with maximum service orientation and thus ensure the practical benefit of your applications over the entire life cycle.



Customer Focus





Our Offers

  • Analysis of business processes and the system environment
  • System selection, implementation concepts and tenders
  • Implementation of geographic information systems, operational and strategic asset management solutions, work management support solutions and mobile solutions
  • Conception of integration solutions, e.g. integration of SAP and GIS
  • Specification of innovative software solutions based on standard technologies
Software Development
  • Conception, development and customisation of GIS applications and tools
  • Conception, development and customisation of Web GIS and mobile solutions
  • Implementation of asset management and work management solutions
  • Development of interfaces and integration scenarios (SAP, network calculation software, network control technology, document management solutions, GIS etc.)
  • Contract development on various technological platforms
System Integration
  • Integration at system level, process level and in the mobile area
  • Advice on the introduction and consolidation of various systems
  • Smooth implementation of company-wide IT solutions
  • Customer-specific solutions that are optimally tailored to the requirements of the energy and water industries
Project Management
For many years, the project managers at Mettenmeier GmbH have successfully supported energy and water utilities in the implementation and operation of geographic information systems, operational management systems and business process solutions into existing IT landscapes. We measure our effectiveness by the satisfaction of our customers, the application success (result) and the execution success (process) of our projects.

  • We advise on the choice of the right project organisation.
  • We manage and represent the projects assigned to us both externally and internally and are responsible for the implementation of the projects in terms of efficiency, scheduling and quality. In this way, we represent the operational personification of responsibility.
  • We structure complex projects, create project schemes and project flow charts as well as work package descriptions.
  • We work through professional competence (application success), methodological competence (execution success) and social competence.
  • We find the right way for communicating with our customers and suppliers as well as the right type and scope of project documentation. We are confident in the application of procedures for the handling of change requirements and convince through flexible handling of new ways, changed framework conditions or risks.

How our clients benefit

  • Significantly reduced workload of office and field staff through user-oriented design
  • Increase in service quality in the technical business processes
  • Efficient process support and resulting cost reductions
  • Increased transparency in the company
  • Data consolidation and better use of available data potential
  • Provision of relevant information for secure strategic decisions