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Pipe Management Module

Fibre optics, copper, coax, empty conduits: The Smallworld GIS and its Pipe Management Module offer first-class capacities for the documentation of empty conduit networks and their allocation with broadband and other media.

Today, the expansion of high-performance FTTX networks is often driven forward by local public utilities and grid operators. The need for documentation of media and single-lines in GIS is correspondingly high. In cooperation with several utility companies, Mettenmeier GmbH has specified various requirements and developed an autonomous, flexibly usable module as an add-on product to Smallworld GIS.

Workshop FTTX Documentation

In the past, most network operators have documented their fibre optic cables in the NRM Electricity. Mettenmeier GmbH will assist you in the successful implementation of data into the GIS in order to transfer it safely to the Pipe Management Module:

  • Analysis of the previous fiber optic documentation
  • Consulting and preparation of a target concept
  • Instructions on creating data entry rules
  • Recommendation: Migration, new data entry or mixed procedures

The video is only available in German. You can turn on automatically generated subtitles for your preferred language in the bottom of the YouTube window.

Range of Functions – Pipe Management Module

  • Documentation of single-lines, pipes, broadband cables (fibre optics, copper, coax) as well as the necessary nodes
  • Management of multi-line objects contained in a pipe or single-line
  • Mapping tool for allocating pipes or cable sections to single-lines
  • Connection tool for making connections of pipes or cable sections at the transition of two single-line sections
  • Visibility tool for the presentation of the network or subnetwork depending on certain attributes, even for objects that do not have any geometry
  • Analysis tool for the determination of free tubes
  • Cross-section view for displaying a trench with its pipe management objects and single-line labels – both with configurable display. It can be combined with data from the NRMs Electricity, Gas, Water or District Heating.

From version NRM TSB, the Pipe Management Module is part of the NRMs Electricity, Gas and Water and from version 4.3.0 it is also available as a separate product for all other Smallworld users.


News from the NRM Development

Version 5.2

With version 5.2, GE and Mettenmeier are announcing the next major release of the Smallworld NRMs.


With the NRM TSB Feature Release in 2016, Mettenmeier released a new version of the NRM Gas, Water, Electricity and Wastewater, which contains a large number of new functions and improvements. These have already been successfully implemented in practice:


  • DONETZ Dortmunder Netz GmbH
  • EWR Remscheid
  • Public Utilities Soltau
  • Public Utilities Witten

Customer Feedback

  • Ludger Rieger, DONETZ Dortmunder Netz GmbH
    With the Pipe Management Module we want to reduce the dimensioning and simplify the overall documentation. We want to store the data digitally, and make it usable digitally, e.g. on tablets and smartphones.

    Ludger Rieger, DONETZ Dortmunder Netz GmbH

    Ludger Rieger
  • Andreas Zirwes, Public Utilities Soltau GmbH & Co. KG
    The Pipe Management Module came at the right time. We are extremely satisfied with the overall package consisting of software, upgrade services, training, consulting and the subsequent fiber optic documentation.

    Andreas Zirwes, Public Utilities Soltau GmbH & Co. KG

    Anreas Zirwes
  • Volker Nowaczyk, Public Utilities Witten GmbH
    The Pipe Management Module requires a certain amount of training. Before we could start with the documentation, we first of all laid out the pipe types cleanly and trained one person. Then everything ran quickly.

    Volker Nowaczyk, Public Utilities Witten GmbH

    Volker Nowaczyk


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