Our Business Partners

AABSyS Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian GIS service provider Aabsys supports us in capturing large amounts of grid data in order to offer cost-effective services with high quality.

Keywords: Network Data Services

ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd

Mettenmeier and ABB provide an optimally coordinated standard interface for linking the grid calculation program NEPLAN with the Smallworld GIS.

Keywords: Interfaces and Integration

aov IT.Services GmbH

As a partner of the energy sector, aov from Gütersloh offers complete GIS solutions and services with a certified computer centre operation.

Keywords: Smallworld GIS


The conversion, modeling, migration and integration of spatial data using special tools (e.g. CITRA) is the focus of joint customer projects by CISS TDI and Mettenmeier.

Keywords: Smallworld GIS

envelio GmbH

The Intelligent Grid Platform IGP from envelio aggregates all relevant grid data for grid planning, calculation and simulation. The connection of Smallworld GIS with the efficient interface enevlioConnect and the use within AM Suite process solutions are the focus of this cooperation.

Keywords: Smallworld GIS, Interfaces and Integration, Portals and Process Solutions

GE Digital Energy

With Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, GE provides the core technology on the basis of which Mettenmeier advances the development of numerous solutions, including the Smallworld Network Resource Managers (NRMs).

Keywords: Smallworld GIS

Getac Technology GmbH

Together with the globally operating manufacturer Getac, we supply our customers with special tablets and notebooks for rugged use.

Keywords: Rugged PCs

HCL Technology Ltd.

Based on HCL Notes & Domino, Mettenmeier implements individual requirements in the form of workflows and process-oriented applications.

Keywords: Portals and Process Solutions

rku.it GmbH

Since the mid-90s, rku.it, specialist for data center services and application management, and Mettenmeier have been offering joint solutions based on Smallworld GIS.

Keywords: Smallworld GIS, MGC

Siemens AG

Siemens AG and Mettenmeier GmbH offer a Siemens certified interface between the Smallworld GIS and the grid calculation program PSS/SINCAL.

Keywords: Interfaces and Integration


With the aim of providing the best possible software for the technical processes of network operators, Mettenmeier and SPIE are jointly developing the cloud-capable asset management system AM Suite.

Keywords: Portals and Process Solutions, Asset and Work Management

Ingenieurbüro Fischer-Uhrig

In close coordination with the manufacturer of the grid calculation software STANET, Mettenmeier offers a configurable and flexible interface to Smallworld GIS.

Keywords: Interfaces and Integration

Vesta Business Simulations GmbH

Vesta develops innovative technologies that combine business intelligence, business modeling and the simulation of dynamic systems in integrated strategic tools for decision support.

Keywords: Strategy Simulation

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