End-to-end software for the technical processes of network operators


Organize your work processes digitally!

With its coordinated products, Lovion software offers end-to-end IT support for the technical business processes of network operators. The basis for this is asset documentation with planning information. Here, data from external systems such as GIS and ERP can be used in combination with leading data maintained in the Lovion system.

Based on asset data, Lovion offers modular products for the core processes of network management, network construction, network operation, network connection and metering. The central processes for planning, controlling and monitoring budgets and resources are mapped in Lovion's sophisticated work management.

  • Standardized user guidance
  • Consistent process support
  • Modular production implementation

Our services

Our consultants and developers support you in all phases of the introduction and support of your Lovion system. We use our technical expertise to communicate with your specialist staff on an equal footing. We are best known for good customer relationships and decades of experience in the field of operations management. We combine industry expertise with knowledge of the structures of network operators, their processes, the system landscape and the technical and legal requirements.

  • Specification workshop
  • Installation of the system
  • Setting up test data
  • System presentation for key users
  • Master data filling
  • Customizing
  • Functional enhancements
  • Integration with neighboring systems
  • Support
  • Hosting


As a development and implementation partner, Mettenmeier is your companion for the digitalization of your network processes.

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