Online Portals and Process Automation

Digital Grid Connection Process

The grid connection process at the grid operator runs through various departments and systems and requires information from numerous sources. Due to its complexity, a high degree of division of labor and control is required. Mettenmeier’s proven portal and workflow solutions digitise the entire process and automate the individual work steps.

Workflow Solutions for Grid Connections

Grid operators achieve greater efficiency and customer orientation through standardised and process-oriented handling of grid connection processes. With a flexible workflow solution, all activities and documents relevant for the connection, even across divisions, are controlled and managed, be it during the installation, modification/extension or decomissioning of grid connections.

Modules for your Individual Grid Connection Process


Customer Inquiry to Quotation

Preparation of the offer and conclusion of the construction contract

Project Planning

Generation of planning data and scheduling of construction execution

Execution of Construction Work

Order management and construction by own personnel or civil engineering company

Accounting and Archiving

Quantity take-off recording and automatic billing, account assignment and archiving

Online Portal for Ordering Grid Connections

A flexible online portal is available as an interface for installation companies, property developers, architects and citizens. Here, the installation, modification/extension and decomissioning of grid connections can ordered quickly and securely. The procedure leads to a significant increase in efficiency and customer orientation. Paper-based application procedures can be completely replaced. In addition, the user has complete transparency through a structured history of his previous orders.

Your Advantages

Workflow Management
  • Consistent procedure for order management of grid connections from initiation to calculation, planning, approval, execution of construction work to service recording and billing
  • User-friendly interface for recording and processing grid connections internally or by sales partners
  • Possibility for sales partners to initiate processes via the Internet
  • Possibility to differentiate between flat-rate and calculated grid connections
  • Possibility to combine electricity, gas, water, etc.
  • Possibility of combined processing with commissioning orders
  • Significant gain in time and quality in process execution
  • Faster information for customers on the current status of the process
  • Process control via a flexible workflow management tool
  • Possibility to integrate ERP and GIS
State-of-the-art technologies
  • Frontend development as web application or portal - responsive and single-page
  • Surface design independent of the backend and quickly customisable
  • Realisation as business process solution with BPMN 2.0 standard for process modeling and DMN for decision definition - thereby process transparency and flexible adaptability
  • Control by BPM technology - usable for the digitisation of arbitrary processes
  • Provision of GIS data and GIS functions as REST services
  • Connection to ERP, document management and CRM
  • Order management for construction work and other external services

Case Studies

The Case Studies are only available in German.

Case Study ENERVIE

Online portal for grid connection and commissioning applications

Case Study EnergieNetz Mitte

Portal application for grid connections and commissioning