Solutions for Energy Providers

Commissioning of Grid Connections

Grid operators achieve greater efficiency and customer orientation through standardised and process-oriented commissioning of grid connections. With Mettenmeier’s flexible workflow solutions, all activities and documents relevant for meter assembly, even across divisions, are controlled and managed. The integrated workflow management ensures a significant gain in time and quality from order to start of delivery. Order control systems can be seamlessly integrated into the process.

What can the Solution do?

  • Consistent and integrated procedure for the commissioning of grid connections from the installation order to the material consumption and meter installation up to the start of delivery.
  • Possibility of combined handling with the grid connection process with automatic initiation of the assembly order
  • Possibility to combine the divisions electricity, gas, water, etc.
  • Possibility to integrate billing systems (e.g. SAP-IS-U) regarding regional directory, meter file, debitor etc.
  • Transparent control and monitoring of individual measures
  • Consistent number assignment of meters, customers, house connections and other objects

Online Portal for Requesting Commissioning

For registered installation companies, an online portal is available, with which the commissioning of grid connections can be ordered quickly and securely, also together with the grid connection procedure. The online procedure leads to a significant increase in efficiency. Paper-based application procedures can be completely replaced. In addition, the installer has complete transparency through the help of a structured history of his previous applications.

Online Portal at ENERVIE

Klaus Leßmann, Head of Mains Connections at ENERVIE presents the Mettenmeier online portal

The video is only available in German. You can turn on automatically generated subtitles for your preferred language in the bottom of the YouTube window.