HCL Notes Domino

Business Process Management and Collaboration

As an experienced implementation partner for business process solutions, Mettenmeier offers consulting, implementation and training services for Business Process Management platforms.

User-centered, dynamic and powerful processes that extend beyond company boundaries are the challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s organisational design. Not only the efficient automation of processes and the introduction of workflows determine the performance of business processes, but also the consideration of the entire life cycle of a business process. In addition to implementation and technical design, this includes process-oriented and collaborative requirements management as well as flexible options for measuring, recording and presenting process-related key figures for substantiated change management.

HCL Notes & Domino

HCL Notes, the high-quality, integrated client for HCL Domino, combines email, calendar and scheduling capabilities with a powerful desktop platform for online collaboration applications.

HCL Notes offers your employees business-critical tools for electronic teamwork that not only increase the productivity of individual employees and the team, but also the responsiveness of the company as a whole.

HCL Domino includes high-value online collaboration features that can be deployed as a basic email and business scheduling infrastructure, as a platform for business applications, or both.

IBM Domino and its choice of client software provide a reliable, secure messaging and online collaboration environment that helps organisations increase people's productivity, streamline business processes, and improve the overall responsiveness of the enterprise.

HCL Technology Ltd.

Based on HCL Notes & Domino, Mettenmeier implements individual requirements in the form of workflows and process-oriented applications.


Bernd Hesse

Team leader workflow and integration

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