Efficient Network Calculation

STANET Interface to Smallworld GIS

The STANET interface was developed in close coordination with the manufacturer “Ingenieurbüro Fischer-Uhrig” and offers the elegant exchange of gas, water and district heating network data with Smallworld GIS. Also electricity network data can be conveniently transferred.

The interface is optimally adapted to the Smallworld NRMs and preconfigured. In addition to graphic data, node and edge objects, the exchange can also include data from other sources, which can also be transferred via STANET interfaces. STANET's extensive resource databases can still be fully used and maintained.

Functions of the Interface

  • The interface can be configured as much as needed for individual customer requirements
  • Use of the flexible STANET-SDF/CSV format
  • Optimum support of STANET concepts, e.g. for the transfer of house connection data
  • Improved transfer of gas pressure regulating stations with the pressure regulators
  • Transfer of internals of power stations
  • Transfer of house connection data with location information for allocation of load data

The interface also contains the general functions of the preprocessing engine, which is a central component of the Mettenmeier GmbH interface concept and supports data transfer between GIS and STANET.


  • All data for the calculation is contained in the central GIS database. Data maintenance takes place in the familiar system and maximum data consistency is achieved. Diverging update statuses between the databases are avoided.
  • Planning can be carried out on the basis of the actual network status and is therefore up to date. In addition, planning states can be constantly extended and modified (alternative concept). The planning data can be transferred to other special systems for cost calculation purposes.
  • The interface prepares all data necessary for the network calculation in complete form, so that no time-consuming data post-processing is necessary.
  • The analysis and presentation tools of the network calculation programs are directly available for the GIS user. In addition, the calculation results are available at any time.
  • The interfaces are freely configurable. Adaptations are possible without programming effort.
  • Prepared data selection variants, for example, automatically compile closed and plausible network data and the data preparation is automated with minimum effort for the user.

Friedrich Fischer-Uhrig

Engineering Office Fischer-Uhrig

The Smallworld interface to STANET achieves a high degree of flexibility. In close cooperation with Mettenmeier GmbH, we now have an integration solution that uses STANET's SDF/CSV format directly and provides optimum support for STANET concepts, e.g. when transferring house connection data. The interface is largely configurable and can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. The general functionalities of Mettenmeier's Preprocessing Engine, which supports data exchange, has proven to be very helpful in this respect. In particular, exchange functions could be clearly improved, such as the transfer of gas pressure control stations with the pressure regulators and the inner workings of power stations, as well as the transfer of house connection data with location information for the assignment of load data.


  • Energie- und Wasserversorgung Bünde
  • Energieversorgung Hildesheim
  • NBB Netzbetriebsgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Public Utilities Hamm
  • Public Utilities Lünen


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