SAP Intergration

Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) for Smallworld GIS

Webservice Connector for the Integration of the Smallworld GIS into the Company’s IT System

The Smallworld Enterprise Integration Services offer ready-to-use service functions, which are optimally adapted to the Smallworld GIS and the NRMs. The simple service-oriented coupling of strategic products such as SAP, grid control technology and others was previously not directly possible in this form.

  • Fast, flexible SAP integration (data synchronisation, maps related to assets or orders, processing of grid information, etc.)
  • Simple integration via the SAP Business Connector
  • Enterprise Application Integration via SAP Netweaver PI, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Microsoft BizTalk


SAP NetWeaver Integration

  • Exchange Infrastructure Content
  • Exchange Infrastructure 3rd party adapter


Opening of the Smallworld GIS for Business IT

  • Integration of strategic IT systems such as grid control technology
  • Flexible XML import and export interface for external applications
  • GIS-compliant attribute data update with web service clients, e.g. MS Infopath
Distinctive Features of Enterprise Integration Services
  • Scalable system architecture for small and large enterprises
  • Performance-optimised implementation for initial data matchnig and mass data changes
  • Significant reduction of Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) when using middleware functionality
  • Communication interface for Smallworld GIS based on web services (generic basic services for reading and writing GIS data incl. relational and topological structures; specialised services for grid tracking; compatible with Microsoft Office Infopath)
  • Transaction monitor: navigation, transaction status, link for creating objects etc.
Service-based Integration of SAP and Smallworld GIS

SAP and GIS are the most important IT components for most utility companies. The advantages of integrating these two systems are obvious: Customer data (e.g. consumption figures) and information on operating resources are stored both in the Smallworld GIS NRMs and in the SAP PM and IS-U modules. This includes data such as house connections, stations and their internals, fittings, hydrants or cable distribution cabinets.

The requirements for system integration can be optimally met using service-oriented IT approaches. Mettenmeier's Enterprise Integration Services correspond to this philosophy. The Smallworld GIS NRMs are made easy and flexible to use for future-oriented integration platforms such as SAP PI, IBM WebSphere or Microsoft BizTalk.

EAI tools such as SAP PI simplify and standardise complex, heterogeneous IT structures. Other systems can be integrated across different topics. Mettenmeier's Enterprise Integration Services open Smallworld GIS for the harmonisation of information and business processes beyond technological and organisational boundaries. XML/SOAP web services form the basis, which can be ideally integrated into a SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) system environment, for example.

Implementation Concept

A modular implementation concept ranges from simple front-end coupling through data integration and synchronisation of business objects to function integration and integration of the most important business functions such as maintenance or fault management. SAP's Netweaver Process Integration (PI) simplifies and standardises complex, heterogeneous IT structures. Interfaces are scalable and third-party systems can be easily connected.

Smallworld EIS References

  • Public utilities Gütersloh
  • Public utilities Hamm
  • Public utilities Herne


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