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Network Data Services

Over 500 man-years of experience – hardly any company can draw on a greater foundation in the acquisition and processing of geodata and information on utility assets.

Transparent, certified processes and a high degree of quality distinguish us. We always adapt to the individual requirements of our customers, e.g. with regard to presentation or attribution. With professional data capture and testing tools and a trained eye, we quickly recognise contradictions in the map and eliminate them.

Even complex projects are completed reliably within the specified time and cost frame. The result: a high degree of customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships with a high level of mutual trust.

Top 3 of our Offers

Our Range of Services:

Data Acquisition and Update
  • Inventory documentation of networks and utility assets of all sectors in all common GIS (detail and overview maps as well as internals, facility cadastre, etc.)
  • Integration of geodata (base map)
  • Tools and procedures to increase productivity and quality
  • Management of projects and overseas service providers
  • Data update and geodata management (also on site)
Data Enhancement
  • Consolidation of several utility divisions or map levels to form a homogeneous database
  • Thorough quality inspection and fault-clearance
  • Supplement of attribute or condition data
  • Data preparation for the network calculation
  • Data migration
  • Network adjustment
  • ETRS89/UTM transformations
ALKIS and ETRS89/UTM – Changeover Strategies and Service Packages

The future use of your ALKIS base map solution for network documentation should be tailored to your individual requirements and technologies.

  • Technical advice on tenders / preparation of specifications
  • Creation of data models
  • Technology consulting
  • Process analysis
  • Know-how transfer through practical workshops and employee coaching
  • Utilisation of GIS data for asset management and network services
  • Web enquiries and mobile applications
Outsourcing and ASP
  • Take-over of individual subtasks or functional areas of network documentation
  • Operation of the GIS environment
  • Supply of data as OGC-compliant services for integration
  • Uniform data supply over several GIS
  • Provision of GIS enquiry solutions
  • Bundling of internal and external data suppliers via web portals
Surveying and Localisation
  • Topographic surveys with automated map generation
  • Aerial surveying incl. evaluation and preparation of maps (in conjunction with partners)
  • Creation of documents for grid design and construction
  • Localisation and surveillance of supply networks
  • Wastewater cadastre
  • Creation of a digital road cadastre
  • Staking out for construction
  • Routing and street planning
  • Consulting and project planning
  • Landfill surveying
  • Data provision in all common formats, also via Internet

References (in extracts)

Water Utilities Berlin

3,200 km Wastewater inventory map

Target System: IBM GTIS

ELE Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH

6,600 km Electricity inventory map

Target System: ESRI/ ArcFM-UT

EWR GmbH, Remscheid

2,200 km Electricity, gas and water supply network

Target System: Smallworld GIS


1,900 km Water supply network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

MDN Main-Donau Netzgesellschaft mbH, Nuremberg

1,000 km Electricity network inventory single-line module, 5,000 km Low voltage overview map, 3,000 Electricity station's internals, 1,200 km Communication network, overview map

Target System: Smallworld GIS

NBB GmbH, Berlin-Brandenburg

13,000 km Pipeline network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Netze BW GmbH, Stuttgart

9,000 km Electricity network

Target System: ArcGIS/Oracle

NEW, Mönchengladbach

Electricity internals for substations and cabinets

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Public Utilities Bielefeld GmbH

8,000 km Electricity network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Public Utilities Coesfeld GmbH

1,100 km Electricity, gas and water supply network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Public Utilities Düsseldorf Netz

8,000 km Electricity inventory map, 2,500 km gas/water inventory and overview map, 3,500 Electricity stations' internals, 3,500 Stations in the electricity schematics medium voltage, 5,500 km Electricity single-line map

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Public Utilities Herne AG

2,700 km Electricity and gas network

Target System: Smallworld GIS


1,200 km Electricity network recording

Target System: Smallworld GIS

SWM Infrastructure GmbH, Munich

5,200 km Electricity network, 2,100 km Gas network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH

1,700 km Gas and water supply network

Target System: Smallworld GIS

Westnetz GmbH

16,000 km Electricity network

Target System: SICAD/Oracle

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Division Manager Network Data Services, Sales Representative

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