Go Digital!

For more than 90 % of our customers, the network plans are available completely in digital form in order to support digital processes in planning and maintenance.

Becoming a Digital Service Provider

Electricity Grid Operators

In addition to the energy revolution, digitisation is one of the biggest driving forces behind electricity grid operators today. Data will become the raw material of the future, digital technologies will support business processes and services will be even more customer-oriented.

1The Problem
The digitalisation of the energy industry is already in full swing. Customer requirements are changing and processes will increasingly be digital and online in the future. At the same time, new companies from outside the industry enter the market and challenge established energy suppliers.
2Our Know-How
We at Mettenmeier support grid operators with their successful transformation into digital service providers. We create innovations and added value for internal workflows and for processes at the interface to the customer. To this end, we apply our strengths in the areas of network data, network service processes, BPM as well as modern web and portal technologies.
3Our Solution
In cooperation with distribution grid operators, we develop user-oriented IT solutions, portals and apps, which we flexibly adapt to individual company structures. We supply smart systems for the collection and use of data, support processes with proven solution modules and modern BPM technologies and thereby create a high degree of agility. Highly efficient services for the conversion of data round off our portfolio.
4Our References
  • BKW, Bern
  • ENERCAL, New Caledonia
  • MDN / N-ERGIE, Nuremberg
  • OsthessenNetz, Fulda
  • Public Utilities Munich
  • TEN Thüringer Energienetze, Erfurt
  • Westnetz / innogy