Individually Tailored

GIS Data Management for Concession Transfer

When transfering supply networks, the question arises as to how the GIS data of the new network areas can be converted as efficiently as possible.

Possible Data Transfer Options

Automated Data Transfer (Migration)

This variant requires a careful analysis of the source data and a possible mapping into the target data model of the new network operator. As a rule, migration projects are only economical for larger amounts of data. Transformation and homogenisation also extend the project duration.

(Second) Data Capture on the Basis of Digitised Map Series

The source map is scanned or delivered as raster data format (PDF, ECW, TIFF). The data is then immediately captured in the correct target GIS and ETRS/89 coordinate system on the basis of the current geodata basis. Advantages: homogeneous, compliant utility line network, data harmonisation within the scope of digitisation and customer-compliant presentation model. This ensures a consistent data structure over the entire supply area.

Mixed Procedure

A mixed procedure is an intelligent and coordinated mixture of software migration (catalogues, location) and targeted interactive (post) data capture, which leads to an optimal result (effort versus yield) regarding the expected data quality in the target system.