Precision and Structure

Field of Application:
Fleet and Workforce Management

In companies where many employees work in the field, precise order assignment and status feedback is indispensable.

If a mobile tablet PC with corresponding requirements for durability and screen readability is to be used for work on site, Mettenmeier's rugged PCs are the right choice, for example the Getac F110 – especially in connection with graphic applications.

Integration of the devices with the following features creates a professional and efficient solution for mobile use:

  • GNSS
  • Traffic navigation
  • Communication facilities
  • Digital camera etc.

For companies, however, the greatest possible benefit is only achieved through the integration of field service processes. Mettenmeier devices are a central component of such fleet and workforce management. Digital order transmission and status feedback as well as targeted synchronisation of all relevant data are carried out with the support of the rugged tablet PC.

An example of such an application is the outage management for grid operators. Once a message has been received at the control centre, immediate action must be taken at the site of the incident. It is not only important to find the location of the incident quickly, but also to keep an eye on the relevant equipment and its technical attributes. A GIS and a resource information system provide valuable assistance.

The entire process runs on the rugged PC in a single work step. Via a connection to the vehicle navigation system, the emergency employee quickly and safely arrives at the incident. Once on site, the GIS data is completely available on the device for further processing of the outage and for requesting information about the network.