Semi-Rugged Windows Notebook

Getac S410

The new S410 is thinner, lighter and more rugged than ever. It sets new standards in the semi-rugged notebook class. It incorporates the latest computer innovations – including significantly higher CPU performance, much better graphics, and a bunch of ground-breaking features and options. With the S410, experts in field service, manufacturing, public safety, and government receive unique performance and adaptability.

Premium Graphics

The S410 is equipped with exclusive new LumiBond® 2.0 technology and supports advanced touch functions (Touch/Rain, Glove or Pen mode plus optional Digitiser mode), which allow multiple work settings while providing unique visibility and touch sensitivity. In addition, the S410 features an optional FHD glossy display with the detailed and clear vision a professional user would expect.


Thanks to the Intel processors of the latest Skylake U series, the S410 is ideally suited for complex tasks with high computing speed. The optional Nvidia GeForce GTX Discrete GPU transforms the S410 into a perfect solution for specialised tasks such as 3D graphics rendering, architectural drawing and CAD applications. Professional users looking for more productivity to accomplish demanding tasks in challenging environments will benefit from better CPU and GPU performance.

Unlimited Energy

The S410's primary battery is enough for the whole working day. But that's not all the notebook offers in terms of power optimisation – the unique hot-swappable technology allows uninterrupted operation via a third battery. This industry-leading concept allows users to replace the main battery without having to shut down the device. Even long working days are no longer a problem.

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