Smallworld NRM

NRM Water

Smallworld NRM Water is a professional, standardised GIS application for the documentation of water supply networks.

NRM Water is certified by, and developed to specifications outlined by the DVGW – German Technical and Scientific Association on Gas and Water.

In addition to network and plant documentation NRM Water enables the seamless integration of planned assets as well as the documentation of assets that are out of service or abandoned.

NRM Water is a tried and tested, high performance, industry focused solution. Its out-of-the-box preconfigured templates support for multi-Ianguages and its standard data model is designed to drive down total cost of ownership.


Standard Data Model

NRM Water contains a comprehensive data model that describes the water supply chain from reservoir to customer consumption point including the operational status of valves.

Network assets are modelled to different supply types:

  • Obtaining mains
  • Transmission mains
  • Supply mains
  • Connection mains
  • Empty conduits (see Pipe Management Module)

Assets may also be differentiated by attribute value (make, type, model, zone etc.). Design management capabilities allow the integration of planned assets with the as-built network providing, tracing and reporting capabilities.


Map and Network Documentation

NRM Water provides the capability to seamlessly display and manage any type of map information. This includes aerial photography, satellite imagery, photographs, scanned maps as well as scale dependent digitised representations of the network asset.

The water network may be described geographically or (geo-)schematically including the use of internaI plant views. Inherent logic and business rules ensure the integrity of network information and may be used as a source for hydraulic modelling.

Key Functions
  • Modelling of all above and below ground network assets
  • Support for multi-utilities
  • Design and asset lifecycle management
  • Map management
  • Automated planning tools for complex equipment (e.g. service connections, plant internals etc.)
  • Automatic data quality checking
  • Schematic generation (manually)
  • Comprehensive network tracing
  • Pre-configured localised equipment catalogues
  • Automated feeder annotation
  • Rule based automated data integrity checking
Support of Working Procedures

Utilising the Smallworld GIS core platform NRM Water was designed to improve efficiency, reduce cost and meet the latest regulatory requirements. Rationale used to promote the investment decision for NRM Water has included:

  • Consolidated solution to replace existing multiple legacy applications and reduce drawing office backlog – improving records quality and legacy support costs.
  • An integrated solution to support business process automation – improve asset data quality and support single point of data entry.
  • Improve asset knowledge – reducing asset risk management through use of business intelligent analytical application.
  • Interface to 3rd party hydraulic analytics to support improved design management capabilities
  • Use of industry standard interfaces (e.g. SAP, SOA) to support improvements in asset maintenances, inspection cycles and outage management; and improvements in customer service

Modules and Add-on Products for NRM Water

Operation Analyser

You can use the Operation Analyser to perform analyses of the network structure and operation for the electricity, gas, water and wastewater divisions. more

Module Pipe Management – Documentation of Empty Conduit Grids
Today, the expansion of high-performance glass fibres is often driven forward by local public utilities and network operators. This resulted in the need for documentation of the media and single-lines in GIS. The Pipe Management Module, which is provided free of charge to users of the NRM Water as an independent product, offers extensive functions for the documentation of FTTX networks and their allocation with broadband and other media. more


Upgrade to Version 5.3

Smallworld NRM Version 5.3

Plan your system upgrade now - it's worth the change! With version 5.3, GE and Mettenmeier release a new version of the specialist shells gas, water, electricity and sewer as well as the pipe management module. A multitude of new functions and improvements make an upgrade to Smallworld 5.3 worthwhile.

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Membership in DVGW - German Gas and Water Association