NRM Wastewater

Condition Data Entry according to DWA-M 149-2

In order to record the condition of drainage systems in the Smallworld NRM Wastewater in accordance with standards, Mettenmeier offers sewer grid operators the Condition Data Recording module in accordance with DWA-M 149-2.

The module supports the entry of condition data in accordance with DWA-M 149-2 directly in NRM Wastewater for the following areas of application:

  • Recording of condition descriptions for videos of the inspection of property drainage systems, which were recorded with staff cameras.
  • Entering of condition descriptions from the inspection of large profiles.
  • Recording of condition descriptions, which are only available as analogue reports.
  • Correction and supplementation of condition descriptions, for example in the course of quality assurance during condition assessment.

Thanks to an integrated table editor, a step-by-step list selection and the marking of required entries, this module makes it considerably easier for you as the owner or operator of a sewer grid to record your condition data.



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