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NRM Wastewater

The Wastewater Network Resource Manager is not only a stable basis for high-quality documentation of complex sewer networks. It also provides an overall solution to all issues concerned in sewage-related fields with its integrated data capture, updating, design and analysis toolkit.

The additional product Operation Analyser Wastewater enables a structured assessment of the grids and the development of planning under technical and economic aspects. Interfaces for data exchange with external programs that are available as additional products round off the range of services.


Network Logic and Data Model

This Network Resource Manager reflects the course of wastewater from consumer locations through to the sewage treatment plant. Sections of the network still in the planning phase may also be topologically integrated into the existing network. A distinction is made between rainwater, wastewater and combined sewage.

The special drainage methods pressure drainage and vacuum drainage are supported by the additional module Pressure Drainage Systems.


Support of Working Procedures

The NRM Wastewater permits ongoing support of everyday procedures based on intuitively used tools. These include:

  • Documentation and information
  • Preliminary, draft and construction site planning
  • Setting up servicing/maintenance maps by management of maintenance and inspection intervals
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Monitoring indirect discharge (where does hazardous effluent flow to? Where has it come from? What risk is involved?)

Well-planned interfaces are available to integrate standardised calculation and assessment procedures. Workflow management solutions may also be incorporated. In the latter case, the Wastewater Network Resource Manager provides centralised management of data from the following sources:

  • Hydraulic sewer network calculation in accordance with EN 752
  • Optical inspection according to EN 13508-2
  • Commercial calculation systems
  • Operational systems
  • Office products
Key Functions
  • Centralised management of all blueprint, operation and planning data with reference to the fields of hydraulic calculation, assets assessment, damage classification and condition assessment
  • Management of sewer condition data according to EN 13508-2 standards
  • Automatic inclusion of reaches and other drainage connectors when moving manholes
  • Integrated storage of video inspection data including history and image archive to allow automatic derivation of damage/side-arm maps
Maps and Representations

The following map types are managed independently in the Wastewater Network Resource Manager:

  • Detail and overview map
  • Site map and longitudinal section
  • Visual representation of condition classifications in accordance with EN 13508-2 standards


Upgrade to Version 5.3

Smallworld NRM Version 5.3

Plan your system upgrade now - it's worth the change! With version 5.3, GE and Mettenmeier release a new version of the specialist shells gas, water, electricity and sewer as well as the pipe management module. A multitude of new functions and improvements make an upgrade to Smallworld 5.3 worthwhile.

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