Calculation and performance recording in grid construction

Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH

IMAK: Solution for integrated calculation and measurement recording in grid construction with order portal for construction service providers


Development of a solution for the calculation and recording of assembly work and material services, use of Eclipse RCP as an investment-safe standard platform, XML-based solution for flexible data exchange with further processing systems, traceability to standard procedures in SAP and use of standardized service specifications, consolidation of in-house developments in the IMAK system.


A measuring system with an intuitive user interface for all sectors (multi account assignment and automated cost distribution of masses), mobile use, at the workstation and via extranet, exchange of order data from SAP and document data from IMAK via a secure supplier portal (encryption by SmartCard), printing of the measurements in different versions (with and without prices), increase of quality and reduction of error sources.