Workflow for branch management

Deutsche Post AG

Workflow management system for many operational processes in the stationary distribution network of Deutsche Post with its approximately 14,000 branches.


New conception of the workflow structure, modelling of about 70 processes on the basis of Lotus Workflow and implementation as workflow applications. Development of a workflow portal. Scaling of the solution by distributing the processes to different application instances in Lotus Workflow. Interfaces SAP "Real Estate" and to the SAP-based data warehouse "ISIS" for analyses.


Annual processing of more than 1 million transactions by around 2,500 registered users. Significant relief for branch management through easy-to-use application of routine tasks. Central and transparent access to all processes via a workflow portal and a high level of user comfort thanks to a consistently coordinated look and feel of the applications. Instrument for provider control by branch management. High availability of the system, easy maintenance and fast expandability with new workflows.