Modern Solution for Network

Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance

Portal for Civil Engineering Partners

This online portal offers network operators a central platform for entering work orders, contracting service providers and monitoring completion, including associated documents and services rendered. For this purpose, order types can be freely set up according to your needs and made available in the portal.

Contract Allocation

Orders are created either automatically via the provided interfaces or manually by internal employees. Street and local directories as well as selection lists support the error-free entry of the construction or operation site. Documents such as material lists or plan extracts are provided together with the order.

Processing by Service Providers

Service providers such as civil engineering companies receive a personalised and protected work area and use the portal as a comprehensive self-service. All required project data is available online. After completion of the work, the service providers report their orders as finished via the portal. Documents such as measurement files or sketches can be attached and transferred.

The Shared Platform for your Service Processes

  • Significant increase in efficiency: Replacement of paper-based order processes and permanent availability of order and project data
  • High transparency: Fast retrieval of information through various overviews, sorting and search functions
  • Integrated rights management: Requests can only be viewed and processed by the specified contractor
  • Flexibility: Various configuration options (keyword lists, reference texts, etc.)
  • Connection to workforce management systems, AVA software, ERP and GIS
  • Responsive Design: Can be used on different end devices