Analysis Tool Diagnostics

Performance Analysis of your Smallworld Application

Diagnostics performs technical analysis of your Smallworld installation, investigates all user interactions, and provides transparent information to increase productivity, save valuable server capacity, and lower the total cost of ownership of the GIS.

Our Service: Health Check for your GIS

  1. We install Diagnostics on your system and teach you how to use it.
  2. We are available to verify the correct operation of Diagnostics and to discuss initial results.
  3. At the end of the observation phase, we analyse your data.
  4. We present the detailed analysis results to you and together with we consider how you can profitably implement the knowledge gained in your company.
  5. Now you decide whether you want to license Diagnostics or order regular inspections from Mettenmeier.
  6. In the case of licensing, we configure your diagnostics (individual adaptations, dashboards, etc.) so that your work is supported in the best possible way.


Analysis tool for more quality and performance of your Smallworld applications.

The video is only available in German. You can turn on automatically generated subtitles for your preferred language in the bottom of the YouTube window.


Public Utilities Munich: Performance-Analyse mit Diagnostics

Mettenmeier carried out a performance measurement of the Smallworld installation on behalf of Public Utilities Munich. With the help of the Diagnostics analysis tool, the system behavior of 30 users was first examined on the test system. First results already showed improvement potentials, so that in the future also an analysis of the productive system with Diagnostics is to take place.


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