Operation Analyser

Network Calculations in Smallworld GIS

Reliable decision-making aid in the daily planning and analysis of the network without an external computer program

The Operation Analyser offers the unique possibility to perform network calculations directly in Smallworld GIS. It has been proven that it achieves the same results as a network calculation program in daily planning tasks, e.g. the planning of a house connection. In addition, analyses on the most important questions of operation regarding the network structure are made available for the gas and water divisions in addition to the electricity division.

  • Electricity grid calculations as well as integrated analyses in the GIS databases electricity, gas, water, wastewater.
  • Traffic light function (red, green, yellow) to indicate whether more extensive network calculations via external software are necessary.
  • Use of new calculation methods without iteration and use of synthetic load profiles according to FNN/DVGW
Electricity Grid Calculations
  • Calculation of the simple load flow
  • Check whether a new house connection is possible with a given load
  • Short circuit (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Integration of decentralized feeders
  • Flexible integration of additional customer-specific queries and approximative calculations

The results of the current flow calculation are displayed graphically and in colour. An additional detailed view provides information on the power utilization factor, decreased load or power loss at the current cursor position. The integrated Excel export prepares the calculation results in an optimized, configurable table form including a screenshot.

Examples for Electricity Grid Analyses
  • Analysis of all house connections supplied by one station
  • Identification of the station that supplies a particular house connection.
  • Colour coding of circuits
Examples for Gas and Water Analyses
  • List of all house connections
  • Display of the next possible shut-off option or closed slide valve
  • Identification of the installation that supplies a particular house connection.
  • Colour coding of supply areas
Wastewater Network Analyses
  • Smallworld GIS from V4.0 up and NRMs Electricity, Gas and/or Water
  • Area-wise or complete recording of the overview map or area-wise or complete recording of the inventory map
  • For calculations in the electricity grid:
    • Loads or consumptions do not necessarily have to be present.
    • The Operation Analyser also works with estimated or configurable default load data.
    • The topological connection of transformers to the low-voltage (LV) network is required for LV calculations


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