Application process

Your way to Mettenmeier

  • Your application to us

    Send us your application by e-mail.

    You need:
    Full curriculum vitae
    Covering letter
    Final grades / Work certificates
  • Mettenmeier GmbH

  • Inspection of your documents

    Confirmation of receiving your application via e-mail

    Centralised review of your skills and qualifications

    Preselection/coordination with the responsible person of the department
  • Detailed examination

  • Assessment Center/ Online-Test

    In the case of an apprenticeship, we may invite applicants to an assessment centre or to take part in an online test.
  • Invitation

  • Job Interview

    What professional knowledge do you have?
    Why are you interested in the position?
    Why Mettenmeier as an employer?
    What questions do you have for us?
    What expectations do you have?
  • Decision

  • Offer/Contract

    We want you in our team and make you an attractive offer.

    Become one of us - become a Metti.
  • Contract conclusion

  • Start of work

    Welcome to Mettenmeier GmbH.

FAQs about the application process

FAQs zur Bewerbung

1How do I apply to Mettenmeier?
You have found a job offer that meets your expectations and for which you would like to apply - perfect. Then simply send us your application by email to, taking into account the desired information given in the job offer.
2Can I only apply via e-mail?
We work with modern means of communication: Therefore, we prefer to receive applications via e-mail. On the one hand, this makes our work easier and guarantees you faster feedback on the other hand.
3There's no job offer online right now that suits me. Can I still apply?
We always welcome unsolicited applications. Convince us of your abilities. Maybe we can find a job for you.
4In which departments is a student internship possible?
We offer student internships in almost all departments. Just ask us for more information. However, please make sure to specify the desired period for the internship when applying.

Tips for your application

With your application you are laying the first foundation stone for your career at Mettenmeier GmbH. Due to the large number of applications and our desire to carefully examine the applications, it sometimes takes a little more time before we can give you feedback. We ask for your understanding. Your application should convince us of your qualities. Your first impression should convince us, therefore a few tips:
Cover letter:
Imagine you would be in our position and would have to read many applications that all contain the same phrases and even look almost identical - with a little creativity and the courage to create an individual design you will immediately stand out from the crowd. Of course it depends nevertheless - or better said above all - on the content. Even the most beautiful application fails with numerous spelling and grammar mistakes.

Tips for the covering letter:

  • Job title incl. reference number (if available): Should always be directly in the subject so that it becomes clear what it is about
  • Personality & Creativity: Convince us - why should you become part of our team?
  • Strengths and skills: What knowledge do you have and how would you like to contribute it to our company?
  • In a nutshell: Don’t use convoluted sentences like "I read your ad with great interest".
  • Care: Before you send your application, please check spelling/ grammar and the correct spelling of the contact person. Your application is your business card - nobody wants to see coffee stains or the like on it.
  • Format: Please send in PDF format
Curriculum Vitae (CV):
The curriculum vitae shows us in which areas you have already gained (initial) experience. This includes both training and professional experience as well as internships and participation in seminars. In addition, you can present your knowledge and skills (languages, dealing with software, etc.).

Tips for the CV:

  • Structure:Start with your current job/activity and then go back further and further into the past.
  • Add the main activities to the individual (professional) positions in your curriculum vitae, in keywords, i.e. the tasks that you have mainly completed during this time, so that we can get a better picture of you.
  • Overview before design - of course the curriculum vitae (like the entire application) should also be beautiful to look at, but nevertheless the transparency in the curriculum vitae is definitely more important.
  • Format: Like the cover letter: Please use the PDF format
Certificates, additional qualifications, references:
Please limit your selection of certificates, attestations and other evidence to those relevant to the job. Not every internship, for example, is relevant to the job you are applying for.

You can and should attach references such as designed brochures, flyers or other practical work.
Dos in an application:
  • DO#1: Courage to be individual!
  • DO#2: Proofreading!
  • DO#3: Match everything!
  • DO#4: A good start is half the battle!
  • DO#5: Find out your contact person!
  • DO#6: KISS: Keep It Short and Simple!
  • DO#7: DIN 5008!
  • DO#8: Show what you have!
  • DO#9: At the pulse of time!
  • DO#10: Social Media - online application!
Don’ts in an application:
  • DON'T#1: Spelling error!
  • DON'T#2: Dubious e-mail addresses!
  • DON'T#3: Do-it-yourself photo!
  • DON'T#4: Unobjectivity!
  • DON'T#5: Less is more!
  • DON'T#6: Let others think!
  • DON'T#7: Gaps in your CV!
  • DON'T#8: Incomplete application documents!
  • DON'T#9: Exaggerations!
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