A family-friendly business

Mettenmeyer as employer

Our employees are our key success factor. Their commitment, professionalism and creativity ensure the satisfaction of our customers and our competitiveness on the market.

Collegiality, openness and plenty of space for individual developments and ideas not only ensure an innovative atmosphere but also fun at work.

Throughout Germany, we employ more than 200 people at our headquarters in Paderborn, at our office in Teltow near Berlin, at our subsidiary Conges Consulting GmbH in St. Wendel and, of course, at our customers' premises.

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We care about your family

FAMILY is capitalised - and not only because we are a family business. That's why we know that family is the highest good. Through flexible working hours, flexitime, trust-based working hours and teleworking, we want to enable our employees to have a balanced family life. We offer parental leave to both men and women, trainees as well as permanent employees, and managers. In addition, it is possible to reduce the contractual weekly working hours after parental leave. For us it is a matter of course to support the families. There is also a cooperation with the neighbouring day care centre.
In 2017, we were awarded with the "family-friendly company in the Paderborn district" title for our concept.

In 2007 we were already named the most family-friendly company in Paderborn.

10 good reasons why you should join our team

  • Because work-life balance is our top priority.
  • Because our family friendliness is excellent.
  • Because the health and well-being of our employees is our highest value.
  • Because the development of our employees is also our development.
  • Because we emphasise friendly and collegial cooperation, mutual support and trust.
  • Because communication and feedback are the essence of success.
  • Because Paderborn is a first-class IT location with a high quality of life.
  • Because openness and teamwork are a part of our corporate culture.
  • Because our employees benefit from a modern working environment.
  • Because we simply enjoy our work.

Finding the balance between work and leisure time

A healthy balance between life and work is a requirement for employee satisfaction and well-being. For this reason, we offer flexible working time models in which our employees can arrange their working hours according to their individual life situation.

In addition to a healthy balance between life and work, we attach great importance to a healthy and ergonomic workplace design. Lectures and workshops on health management round off our services. Our employees are also happy to use the company massage chair during breaks. Company sports activities complete our program.
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