MGC Real Estate

MGC Properties

Simple property information system for smart creation and management of contracts that use existing properties as part of a secure web application

With MGC Properties you can conveniently create and manage your utility line rights and licensing agreements in a modern web application. All affected parcels of land with their owners, land register data, easements and contracts can be viewed simply and clearly.

The app supports you just as efficiently when entering new contracts: You select the parcel and owner on which an easement is to be entered and create a direct reference to the affected GIS object for the real security.

Alternatively, parcels or other contract-relevant data can be newly created through the input wizard. The area calculation for compensation is then carried out on the basis of the specified protective areas. The total amount determined for the right is automatically distributed according to the ownership shares and generated together with the contract.

To simplify further transaction processing, choose from a number of templates, for example, for correspondence with the local court or the transfer of payment documents to SAP.



  • Modern web application for the documentation of energy providers' rights related to properties
  • Simple and convenient recording of properties information
  • Fast navigation to specific objects with the help of full text search
  • Management of different types of rights and associated protective areas
  • Determination of compensation payments
  • Storage of contracts
  • Role-based rights concept for users

Technical Base

  • Use of the MGC framework for efficient and flexible user interfaces
  • Easy integration of other programs through the use of standard technologies
  • Consistent data storage in the MGC Warehouse
  • Integration of GIS data
  • Integration of SAP, for example for the transfer of payment documents
  • Future viability through the use of open standards & technologies


Joachim Magiera

Sales Representative and Expert for Cable and Conduit Grids

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