September 27, 2018
AM Outage

AM Suite – With new software, operational management and asset management firmly under control

Paderborn, September 2018. The asset management specialists SPIE and Mettenmeier combine their competencies to develop the new software “AM Suite”. The aim of the cooperation is […]
June 11, 2018

Cutting Edge Technology – Mettenmeier and SPIE cooperate in the Field of Asset Management

Paderborn, June 2018. Today, digitisation is noticeable in almost all areas of work and is driven by modern process-oriented IT solutions. As a result, grid operators […]
July 10, 2014

Process Cost Accounting Under Control – Transparent Operating Costs Thanks to OPTIMUS

Paderborn, July 2014. In the context of the efficiency comparison of the Federal Network Agency, many network operators still have some homework to do in terms […]
May 20, 2013

What Does the Network Cost? – Publication in Business Geomatics

Paderborn, May 2013. The operational management system OPTIMUS guarantees a holistic and efficient network operation through the integration of GIS and ERP system. NEW Netz’s electricity […]
May 5, 2013

OPTIMUS Version 5 – Modern and Easy Operating Concept

Paderborn, May 2013. Version 5 of the OPTIMUS grid and operations management system is now available as a modern high-end solution for operations management. More than […]