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Public Utilities Merzig GmbH

Public Utilities Merzig have the technical processes under control with OPTIMUS and support the commercial processes in connection with Wilken Neutrasoft.

The Challenges

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases - the workaround solutions in work preparation and in the execution of work on site at a grid operator are manifold. In the long run, however, they lead to organisational deficiencies. The employees at Public Utilities Merzig recognized this at an early stage and decided to introduce OPTIMUS. In addition to controlling the fitters, the project also included the areas of procurement/material management, order invoicing and invoice receipt. The interface to financial and asset accounting in Neutrasoft was of central importance.

The Solution

OPTIMUS is used for the detailed planning of work assignments. The employees on site receive a structured deployment plan and are able to document their work in electronic forms, be it test results or construction sites. Photos of the equipment or the open construction site can be documented with the tablet PCs on site directly in the context of the order. Network plans, which are stored on the tablet as PDF documents, serve as orientation. In warehouse management, a barcode scanner solution was implemented in OPTIMUS especially for Public Utilities Merzig, both for inventories and for material withdrawals, which can then be posted directly to the OPTIMUS order. The entire order accounting is also done in OPTIMUS: external services, wages and materials are processed, invoiced and transferred to Neutrasoft as finished accounting records. For payroll accounting, hourly bookings, factory calendars and overtime are logically processed in OPTIMUS and transferred to the P&I LOGA system.

The Results

Having mastered the organisational challenges of system implementation, Public Utilities Merzig is now benefiting in particular from the new possibilities in work preparation and the handling of technical processes on site. The maintenance results are mapped completely and the quality of the resource information is constantly increasing. Together with Wilken Neutrasoft, the essential technical and commercial processes are mapped today, with the order settlement being transferred to OPTIMUS.

Ulrich Fischer, Kfm. Commercial Managing Director, Public Utilites Merzig GmbH

The users must stand behind the software
By actively involving the employees in the selection process, we were able to ensure motivation and identification with the solution. OPTIMUS has brought us significantly forward, especially in work preparation.

Public Utilities Merzig GmbH

OPTIMUS modules and supported processes

  • Work scheduling
  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Resource management
  • Materials management incl. barcode scanner solution
  • Invoice receipt book
  • Interfaces to Wilken Neutrasoft and P&I Loga

OPTIMUS in use since 2011